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How To Use Database Marketing Techniques

Aug 17, 2007
Database Marketing is a unique way to collect and store information. This can be easily done by using software programs like Access, SQL and Excel. Useful information is then used in advertising and marketing. This saves time and money by targeting promotional efforts to the best prospects or customers.

Information collected for your database depends upon the products and services you offer. The higher the selling price, the more information you will have to gather and use. A strong foundation usually begins with contact and purchase information and date of birth.
Once collected and sorted, you now put this data into action. Some top database marketing techniques that do just that are:

1. Appended Data - Business to business (B2B) may need more in-depth data like SIC code, number of employees and annual sales, for bidding projects. Or for one-on-one relationships with clients like for realtors and insurance products, people can append data to name and address files, seeking out income, age, home value, length of residence, number of children and over 30 other bits of info. The resulting data is then used in all types of well targeted marketing campaigns. Appended data is usually done in-house or outsourced with larger companies that have more complete databases.

2. Website Data - Many websites offer a means to collect data through the use of cookies that gather information from website visitors. This marketing method is very popular, allowing Internet marketers to learn more about visitors to their sites, which pages they searched and for how long. This information is then used for their product and service creation and pricing.

3. Email Marketing & Tracking - Surveys, customer reply forms and shipping documents that use tracking numbers and share them with the clients are excellent examples of database marketing. This type of tracking can improve their customer-client relationships, resulting in increased sales and customer retention and learn more about their clients for future sales and marketing efforts.

In conclusion, Database Marketing techniques tailored to fit your own products and services, allows you to gather and store targeted information about your visitors, clients or prospects. And you can save time and money by targeting your promotional efforts to your best prospects or customers.Which means,you can now market to whatever group or organization in your database,when you want to, based on all the pertinent information gathered. In other words, you can focus on just the groups most likely to purchase your products or service.
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