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No More Living The Life Of Riley

Dec 6, 2007
Having rich parents I had had an easy life. Not many jobs were in my career history as handouts from daddy were always topping up my rather stuffed wallet. We lived in a rather opulent mansion in the heart of rural East Anglia. With my life I really did not see the point of jobs. All day I spent my time lounging around the house and sampling the delights that our in house chef could produce. I must admit, life was good. However my life in an ideal little bubble of wealth was to change dramatically.

We were not old money in the classical sense and daddy had worked hard his whole life to get us where we were. The life I lead is purely due to his hard graft and it was not until a few months ago I realised this. Subsequently I had decided to start looking for jobs. Daddy however came back in a bit of a rage one day and accused me of being a spoilt little rich kid, I raised the point that it was him that had spoiled me, and he did not take kindly to that. So my search for jobs was stepped up after that point. I would search for jobs in East Anglia as I had the choice of three cars to drive to any jobs I may find.

To be hones it was getting to that point anyway, even with my rather preferable lifestyle I was becoming a little bored with unemployment. There are only so many times you can watch Braveheart in your own personal cinema. After finding some East Anglia based recruitment websites I started to search for jobs that would suit me. I had been to university, the first time I had really stayed away from home, here I had spent the majority of my time in the bar and had learnt little. The freedom was immense and the most enjoyable aspect of the experience. Lectures were something I had rarely attended and hence I had failed to graduate, I knew now that this would make finding jobs that little bit harder.

Unfortunately the jobs in East Anglia did not really suit me; I was hoping that daddy was going to give me a position in his company ensuring that I would have an easy life. However he had soon made it clear that I was on my own two feet now, no more handouts, no freebies and no helping hand into a career. However much I wanted to resent him for it part of me did realise that he must have been annoyed that his only son had not taken on board any aspect of his work ethic.

Jobs were coming thick and fast after I had joined some recruitment agencies based in East Anglia, surprisingly getting to the interview stage was easy, and with a full wardrobe of fitted Italian suits at least I would go to them well dressed. Offers for jobs however were a little slower to materialise, I would have to try harder when I went to interviews Maybe I was coming off as a spoilt little brat after all?

After three months of solidly looking for jobs in the East Anglia region I found a job based in IT. Although somewhat anxious about the change in my lifestyle I had now matured enough to realise that I could not live that way my whole life. My father's cool attitude towards me had also relented. Once he saw me working; the respect and pride were evident in the way he treated me.
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Workaholic Shaun Parker talks about Jobs East Anglia and joining job agencies.
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