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Top Tips To Improve the Thrill for Your Sales Presentations

Dec 6, 2007
Our current survey brought forward some results that, though not altogether surprising, were very concerning on PowerPoint presentations. As you would expect 85% of respondents organisations used PowerPoint and 33% of these users use it every day. That just goes to show how embedded into the commerce world PowerPoint is.

In the 95% of respondents who use PowerPoint 83% used it in face to face presentations. Take that along with 73% of users presenting to clients and 72% to prospects you begin to see just how significant a tool PowerPoint presentations is in our clients facing world.

PowerPoint is now the most significant tool for every sales group. All of this work leads to this one presentation. This solitary presentation can justify all the hard work, or it could waste it. If you can spot the value that the final piece of the jigsaw has, then you begin to see how significant it is. These figures show just how little care is being taken within a business for its PowerPoint presentations. If we take all these together the picture is rather damning. When you look the cold hard facts it can be rather scary as the probability of you or I being obliged to sit through one of these substandard PowerPoint presentations is extremely high.

Just how is PowerPoint built in companies today? Here at Eyeful we keep a close eye on PowerPoint usage in the corporate world and one of the ways we keep bang up to date is with our annual survey.

If you can see the value that the ultimate piece of the jigsaw has, then you begin to see how significant it is. In our experience in order to connect the potential of PowerPoint you must realise how to get the most out of it. By updating your presentations frequently you can ensure you keep up with your market.

A top class presentation, like a good story, has a beginning, middle and an end. Dividing your presentation into these three sections will help you create the composition that enables to you get your message across. The Beginning - This is the second most significant part of the PowerPoint slides. It should seize the audience's thought and give them a flavour of what's to come. What you use to seize their thought should depend on your audience and be applicable, but some examples are: An attention-grabbing or funny story (but remember, use of humour can be a double-edged sword! A small video clip of no more than 60 seconds... Strange statistics about your trade or your audience, a quote that is related to what you're going to talk about.
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Hugh Roberts has been a specialist in sales presentations for 20 years and a regular contributor on this subject.
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