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How To Choose The Right Premium Rate Line Supplier

Aug 17, 2007
You have decided to go for a premium rate line. But what is the next step? What are the considerations to be kept in mind while choosing the right premium rate supplier?

The most prominent premium rate supplier in the UK is British Telecom. It has a separate division called "Value Call" which is solely dedicated to premium rate phone numbers. There are also many other independent Network providers who supply premium rate lines and services. These are the companies you would normally deal with.

Given below are some factors that will help you make the perfect choice.

What premium rate service do you need ?

Premium rate suppliers provide a variety of services. They range from betting information, tarot and psychic readings, help lines, tipster lines, technical support, adult matter and much much more. You have a wide range to choose from. While picking a premium rate supplier check out their range of services. The wider it is, the more popular it tends to be. A well-publicized premium rate supplier will ensure that the number of callers is high. Your commission depends on this so be careful.

Sometimes you may come up with unusual ideas that the premium rate suppliers do not currently offer. Many have the option of letting you setting up your own new service. This is vital and not many premium rate suppliers have this facility.

What is the customer base?

A good premium rate supplier is usually well-known and people do recommend it to others. Ask around and see the response of friends and colleagues. If a company is not popular, people obviously will not call in, as they would not know such numbers exist. Also, when a caller is paying premium rates he or she would like to be sure that they get their value for money. The reputation of a premium rate supplier is usually built up by word - of - mouth. If people are satisfied with its services, only then would they recommend it to others.

What is the rate of commission?

Premium rate suppliers offer varying rates of commission. Do a little research on your own and compare the rates of the various providers. Naturally, you would want to choose premium rate suppliers that offer a higher pay-out ratio. A higher rate of commission means more money. Commission rates of around 50p - 60p per minute can be expected.

What is the company profile?

Be sure to look into the company profile before you finalize a premium rate supplier. It should be an experienced company and financially stable. It should be profitable and have fixed targets for the future. Transparency in billing is a chief consideration.

Also, find out about the assets of the premium rate supplier. It should ideally be using the latest automated systems. A good system ensures that callers are not kept waiting for long and that they are directed to the right source. The better a premium rate supplier's systems are, the easier it shall be for you to deal with them.

Keep the above in mind and you will be able to finalize the correct premium rate supplier for you and you will be well on the road to making good money through premium rate lines.
About the Author
Peter Finch is director of one of the UK's top premium rate line suppliers, Premium Rate Telecom Limited. Yes you too can make money while you sleep with your own premium rate line.

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