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7 Low Cost No Cost Ways to Generate Online Lead Generation

Dec 6, 2007
Pick up sales and getting your business moving to the next level with great lead generation. From here, the sky's the limit and at low cost! You can avail a wide variety of low cost and free tools to generate leads online.

a. Press releases: Best known as the passive promoter, these pieces of text can literally jumpstart your online business in no time. These pieces of seemingly plain text help create a buzz around your company and products. You could choose to highlight a particular product or concept which is unique and sellable. Then proceed to center your press release on this concept. The good thing about press releases is that they are completely free of cost and can be circulated to a large audience in a very short time. Also, since news spreads fast, people will want to know more about your website in a short time. Make sure to include contact details and your site URL in the release.

b. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing has been around for a very long time and deservedly so. It has successfully helped many affiliate merchants advertise and promote their products effectively. What's more, traffic volumes have surged after they have implemented affiliate marketing for their site. You can easily find a vast number of affiliate marketers who will be more than willing to promote your products for you. Plus, since you only pay them once a sale is made, you stand to gain.

c. Newsletters: You could have free downloadable material on your website which needs users to register. Then you can store these contacts into your database. By asking users to optin for such downloadable material, you can greatly enhance your customer base. Besides this, you can also improve on the traffic volumes that visit your site each day.

d. SEO: This is much more than a buzzword and can literally affect the quality and quantity of traffic your site receives everyday. By using high quality, strategic keywords on the site content as well as optimizing Meta tags and Title tags, you can easily attract hordes of traffic to your site.

e. Forums: Forums and online discussion groups represent great ways to attract traffic into your site. You can ask users to sign up for using your site forums. Once you get their contact details, you can store it into your database for future promotions and marketing campaigns. It is a good idea to leverage the power of Web 2.0 technology to jumpstart your lead generation process.

f. PPC: PPC or Pay-Per-Click is another great way to jumpstart the volume of qualified leads entering your site. The good thing about PPC lies in its ability to attract relevant visitors to your site. Since they are already partially interested in your products, you stand greater chances at improving sales conversion rates.

g. Traffic exchange programs: These work on similar lines as link exchanges - just that in this case websites exchange traffic with each other. The way it works is that everyday you will need to browse through all sites present in the traffic exchange network. The more you browse the more visitors your site receives. In order to make your site attract more visitors, ensure you keep your site simple. Don't have too many pages in it, else it makes browsing difficult.

Lead generation doesn't have to be expensive if you don't want it to be. There are methods you can use to take your company up the ladder. Implement these ideas and you will see the difference it can make.
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