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7 Low Cost No Cost Ways to Market Good Content

Dec 6, 2007
You have written a compelling e-book or maybe you have written a high quality article which will be useful for everybody. Now how do you propagate this article or e-book? It's important to get in out there in the market for all to see. Here are some tips to get started.

a. Sales letter
Sales letters are great ways to promote the content you have created. Let's say you have written an e-book on 'Losing fat'. You can have attractive sales letters with titles like 'Get washboard abs in 30 days flat' or 'Fit into the jeans you wore during college' etc. By having such compelling and catchy headings, you can grab the attention of readers and ensure more publicity for your content. Such sales letters are great at generating curiosity in the minds of readers and enticing them to buy your content.

b. Press releases
Press releases are great as marketing tools. It doesn't cost anything to create or distribute a press release. All you need is a little bit of time to write out the release. Then if you have a good network of contacts you could communicate with newspapers and publication houses to post these press releases online. Make sure to include your contact details and website URL at the end of the press release.

c. Social media sites
There are thousands of social networking and media sites available these days which allow free exchange of information. Through these sites you can easily spread the word about your content online. In fact such sites allow a free mechanism to build on your contacts, through which you can publicize the content you have created.

d. Relevant sites
Your promotional efforts will only reap benefits if you propagate your content on relevant sites. So if your e-book or article is about health food, try aiming at sites which talk about health, nutrition, fitness etc. By sticking to the relevant niche you stand greater chances at being noticed and heard. Plus you also get to tap into a relatively warm market that's already interested in what you're selling.

e. Forums and discussion groups
You could also try visiting relevant forums and online discussion groups which deal with the relevant topic associated with your content. This involves a more active and direct participation from other users, which in turn will ensure that your content gets the necessary amount of publicity for free.

f. Keywords
Promoting your content is all about being visible on search engine results. That automatically entails having strategic keywords well placed in your article or e-book. This way search engines will automatically detect your content and index it on their results page. This automatically generates lots of free publicity for your content.

g. Teaser material
You could even use snippets of material to effectively generate curiosity for your content. For example a small video clip or a paragraph of highly interesting content - could interest readers a great deal. Then at the end of this material you could include a backlink to your site content. This way, not only do you generate interest, you are also ensuring more click throughs and hits into your site.

Having great content won't do you any good unless you can market it well. With these seven low ways you can take your business to greater heights of success. Just follow any one of these proven methods or try them all for greater success!
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