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7 Low Cost No Cost Ways to Generate Offline Lead Generation

Dec 6, 2007
Did you know that offline lead generation doesn't need to be expensive? You can now propel your sales curve to greater heights. Try these new approaches. They come to you at low costs! You can easily acquire quality leads with little or no effort. Besides, it doesn't eat into your profits.

a. Using direct mailers: Direct mailers have been around from ages and they have served to be great for attracting leads. In fact, after television and newspapers, direct mail remains the third largest advertising form. For making your direct mail campaign a success, you need to write compelling and attractive sales letters. These need to grab the attention of readers and instantly make them curious enough to come to your store to ask for product details. Postcards can be low cost and very effective, depending on your copy and how well you target market.

b. Cold calling: Even though this sounds like an irritating option, cold calling is one of the best ways to generate more leads for all offline purposes. You could consider calling everyone you know first, followed by the list of contacts you have as a result of your networking approaches. Very soon you will get to know many more new contacts and enquiries will start pouring in.

c. Targeted publications: Consider advertising in niche publications which specifically cater to your target audience. By randomly advertising in popular newspapers, you risk losing impact. It's because you won't find your target audience reading general newspapers. Therefore consider assessing the publication in question and once you are sure about its effectiveness be ready to spend on the advertising.

d. Product literature: Many times if you need to attract potential business partners, you will require an array of product literature documents. Things like case studies, whitepapers and analyst reports all serve to impress business partners. Instead of getting these created in-house, consider outsourcing the writing work, to save on overall costs. You could get the writing work outsourced to one agency and the design and artwork to another agency - thereby saving on total costs.

e. Free seminars: If you are a subject matter expert and know the domain fairly well, consider giving a free seminar or speech. This not only generates plenty of publicity for your company, but you will also be able to attract a large gathering which is genuinely interested. This way you have already gained access into a warm market which will be willing to buy your products.

f. Niche articles: If you specialize in a select industry vertical you can put that to good use. Consider writing high quality articles on your domain subject to some of the popular magazines and publications. This will help establish you as a subject matter expert (or SME) and will very soon attract lot of customers to your store.

g. Testimonials: Customer quotes and testimonials are great ways to boost the reputation and credibility of your brand. If you have a press release that talks favorably about your business, consider highlighting it in your store. If you have some good quotes from satisfied customers, highlight these too in your shop. Very soon you will find more customers trusting in your products and coming to your store.

You can make offline lead generation a part of your overall marketing strategy. Now you can do that without investing too much into it. Use these methods and begin today!
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