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Business Startup Strategies To Consider

Dec 6, 2007
You're ready to boldly go forward into the wild world of owning your own start-up business. Your plan is feasible, you've organized your company into a lean, mean, profit-making instrument, and you can also taste your dreams coming true. Then you determine that before you can extract profit from your business, you need to let the world know that you're open for business.

If you've come this far then you must be confident that you are ready to blaze forward with your business. You have determined that your goals are feasible and your gotten yourself reasonably organized. You are still burning with the passion of seeing your vision come to life. All you need to do now is inform the folks who will be your customers that you are open and ready to take their money.

Having completed all the phases of your feasibility analysis, you are now ready to move into the next part of getting your business off of the ground. You have done all of the leg work to develop a sound plan and have asked yourself the hard questions about how much you are willing to give to this endeavor. The only thing that remains now is to open the door and start providing your goods and services. It's time to begin your business of your dream.

Though the mediums of marketing have been covered elsewhere, creating an effective marketing and/or advertising campaign requires that you comprehend the factors of marketing. With those factors in mind, creating a campaign becomes more than possible.

The first and probably most important factor is your start-up customers. You want to know who your customers are (also known as demographics) and what they want, in the most objective terms you can manage. What your customers want is especially important to know but also difficult to accurately gauge. Surveys and focus groups can help, but even these can be uncertain. Some things to discover about your customers include whether they're willing to pay more for higher quality or quantity, what products they'd like to see you carry, how much money they're willing to spend on your products, how often they want your products or services, and what motivates them do business with you over those of your competitors.

The second factor is your competitors. While becoming obsessed with the slightest details of your competitors only makes you neglect your own business, you do want to keep track of what your competitors are trying, especially in areas where your business overlaps with theirs. You want to focus first on your own business and customers, checking in on your competition only occasionally. When you do look in on competitors, you'll want to focus on what they do in comparison to you and know what makes them both better than your own business and what they do worse than you. Both can provide you with a useful competitive edge.

You need to be aware of what your competition is up to when you are planning your marketing strategy. Not only do you need to make sure that you are competitive in the pricing and services that you offer, but being aware of their activity can allow you to be pro-active and to stay ahead in planning your own strategic moves. It can be unhealthy to mimic your competitors business verbatim, especially if they make a bad choice. Instead of imitating their mistake, you can seize the opportunity to move ahead and capitalize on the customers that they may not be servicing as a result of their strategic error.

While it can be dangerous to spend all of your time and energy obsessing over what your competition is doing, it is a good idea to at least pay attention. By arming yourself with the knowledge of what your competitors are doing, you will be able to react appropriately to better meet your customer's needs. You will also be able to make sure that you are competitive with regards to pricing and promotions. You don't want to miss a big sale from your competitor and price yourself right out of the market.
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