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Instant Work Life Balance Recovery Strategies for Busy People

Dec 7, 2007
If managing your time is important; then learning how to manage your energy is vital. Here's why. Perhaps you can run fast in your corporate world but how well can you recover your energy? Elite athletes plan recovery cycles into their intense training program. Over-training is madness and they know it. Yet many corporate warriors have not made the important connection between recovery and productivity, at least not yet. You may be familiar with this scenario.

Joe did not get a good night's sleep. Too much on his mind. He set the alarm for 5.30 am so he could prepare for the next morning's management meeting. Half asleep, the alarm rattles his nervous system. He checks his email before grabbing a quick shower. He downs a coffee and is out the door before his hair can dry.

The meeting goes OK, but only just. Lunch is fast food junk and does nothing to nourish his body or mind. Forget his soul! By mid afternoon, his concentration is lacking and he is not the only one who notices. His boss cautions him to 'get with the program'. More pressure.

After a late evening working on another harrowing time driven project, he staggers in the door of his apartment with another version of fast food. There is still no real nourishment for his body. A stiff drink or two and he is soon asleep in front of an uncaring plasma TV.

Too much pressure, too little nourishment and no chance to recover is a deadly combination. Be smart. Learn to recover faster and more efficiently. Here's how

Plan to put 'recovery breaks' into your daily or weekly routine. A recovery break is any activity that nourishes you, your mind, body or spirit. These can be anything from a 5 minute walk in the sunshine to weekend gardening. It could be a weekly workout in the gym, a game of golf or re-connecting with a long lost hobby or passion. It could as simple as leaving the office and having your healthy organic lunch in the park.

One coaching client re-discovered her love of writing children's stories as a way of balancing her demanding career in law. Another found immense joy when he joined a singing group.

The idea of recovery strategies is crucial to maintaining good health. Yet it is easy to get caught up in the manic rush of business and forget what we need to do to stay balanced.

The best part is when you give back to yourself, with effective recovery strategies; you end up with more energy, stamina and creativity. With a little planning, you can balance the demands of your work and career with that of you, as a human being. It is truly win/win. Now, where is my herbal tea? Time for a break!
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Bill Lee-Emery is a Work Life Balance Coach who works specifically with Entrepreneurs, Executives and Senior Managers. You can access more free tips here or join one of his coaching programs
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