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Dec 7, 2007
As a network marketer you know that the ability to close sales with all kinds of different personality types is a key feature of your business acumen. Yet even as you work hard to learn how to relate to others who may be a lot like you or perhaps completely opposite you in temperament as well as in demeanor, there is on type of consumer that is hard to deal with, even for the most experienced marketer, the take charge candidate.

Selling a network marketing opportunity to a take charge candidate requires a skill set of its own and the savvy network marketer will spend a lot of time and effort on developing these skills. After all, it is the take charge candidate that has the ability to make your down line hum with new business and orders. A take charge candidate is easy to recognize. She or he is goal oriented and requires facts without frills.

An almost haughty demeanor, this apparent arrogance is in fact the sign of a brilliant and quick mind that is able to multi task incessantly while speaking on a variety of topics with authority that comes from experience and knowledge rather than just book learning. Opinionated but able to back up the viewpoints with facts, this type of candidate will perhaps be one of the hardest sells you will ever make.

Interestingly, novice marketers sometimes have a better chance at winning over such an individual simply because they are very fresh and willing to admit that they do not know everything there is to know about the business opportunity, while the more seasoned veteran marketers will seek to gloss over their lack of knowledge with contrived facts, a move that is quickly discovered by the take charge candidate who will immediately lose all faith in the marketer and the network marketing opportunity.

Selling a network marketing opportunity to a take charge candidate will require you to know your stuff, be familiar with the product, know the strengths and weaknesses of the marketing network and be able to find a benefit the person will derive from joining. Keep in mind that the take charge personality is looking toward a goal and the shortest way to get there. You will need to find out the persons goal and then help them to recognize that your network marketing opportunity is indeed the shortest road that has the potential to lead them to the goal. Obviously you do not want to make promises that your good or service cannot keep.

By and large, it is the very inexperienced or the very experienced network marketer who will have success with this kind of candidate. Those who dabble in network marketing but do not have the true commitment to do what it takes to get to the top of their game will do best to pass on this kind of candidate in favor of reaching others who will take less time and effort to cultivate as a potential down line distributor.
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