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The Benefits of Using One Central Resource for Your Affiliate Programs

Dec 7, 2007
Affiliate programs can be hard to keep tabs on, especially if you promote more than two or three. Having to constantly visit different sites to check your stats, download the promotional material you need and most importantly keep tabs on your earnings can be exhausting and time consuming.

Fortunately there are sites you can use which give you access to hundreds of programs, products and services which you can then promote as an affiliate, and the benefits of these sites are enormous.

Firstly they take away the need to go looking for affiliate schemes to promote it's all in the one place ready for you to search through. Most of these sites, such as Clickbank and Commission Junction for example, provide search facilities to enable you to find the genre of product you are looking for fairly quickly.

You'll also often find programs that reward you for referring new customers to them; a purchase is not always necessary to net you a reward. This kind of scheme that pays you for each click through can complement the other more common type of affiliate scheme, which pays a flat rate or a percentage per sale.

You may need to apply for each affiliate program separately, but all the relevant information will be easily accessible via your account, the programs you have been accepted into, those which have been denied and those which are pending a decision.

You'll also get all your promotional materials in one place, which makes life easier when you need to get at them. Simply save the site you're using as a link on your desktop for easy access.

But perhaps the most beneficial aspect of using one of these sites is the fact that all your revenue comes into one central place. Most affiliate schemes set a minimum level of cash that has to be reached before they will pay out. Obviously, if you're promoting more than one program that's several payout thresholds that have to be reached before you'll see any benefits from your promotional efforts.

But if you're using one central site to get all your affiliate links from, you'll also benefit from getting all your revenues going into one single pot. Which means you'll only have one minimum payout target to hit, which in turn will be reachable far sooner than if all the affiliate programs were kept separate from each other.

The time saving benefits you'll get from using a site like this are clear. No more trawling through pages and pages of search results on Google to find an affiliate program that looks promising. No more clicking between different sites to check on your overall progress. No more trying to keep track of your commission levels for a handful of different programs.
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