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Eight Habits of Good Sales and Marketing

Dec 7, 2007
You do not wake up one morning with the idea for an excellent product or service and automatically know the skills required for equally exciting sales and marketing techniques. Like anything else in your life, it is a learning process; one of the best learning tools come from the experiences of already successful business people. For example, experience has told other sales and marketing experts what eight habits will help you reach success in sales and marketing.

First, you must believe in yourself and what you have to offer. If you have doubts, how can you expect your customers or clients to put their trust in you, give you business, and open their wallets? Conversely, if you are confident in your business, your sales and marketing techniques will reflect you confidence and belief in yourself.

Second, have a plan for your success. You can believe in yourself all you want, but if you are ill-prepared, with no plan for the future, you may not have a future in your business. From the short-term goals to the long-term expectation, write down your plan. Write down what you want to accomplish and how you plan to achieve your expectations. Then, stick to the plan. Your business map will help you remember where you are going and exactly how you want to get there.

Third, you must make a good impression. You only have one chance to wow the customer. If your customer's first impression is anything other than stellar, you are likely to be stuck in the rut of damage control.

Fourth, do not rest on your laurels. You can never learn too much. Invest in yourself and keep learning. New strategies and new ideas are always being implemented. Stay current and grow with your business.

Fifth, a good habit is to develop good communication skills. Learn to listen, as well as speak. Take time to understand what the customer or client desires, then effectively articulate why you product or service will be the answer to a want or need.

Sixth, always use your time wisely. For many people, even in sales and marketing, it can be very difficult to keep your mind on the activities at hand. Before you know it, the workday is gone, and you will have little to show for your labor. Starting a business is often difficult and time consuming under the best of circumstances. Thus, time is at a premium, and you must use it wisely.

Seven, your brain is the best tool you have for good sales and marketing techniques. As technology advances, individuals have become increasingly dependent on the computer and other modern conveniences. What happens if the electricity goes off? Do not be so stuck on technology that your forget to use good, old-fashioned common sense.

Finally, genuinely care about your customers. When you are implementing sales and service for the sole purpose of fattening your coffers, you clients and customers know. Yet, if you genuinely show care and concern for the people who are your business, you will be effective at sales and marketing, while prospering.

In conclusion, if you follow these tried and tested habits for successful personal and professional business practices, you will also find the key to good salesmanship and marketing. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep caring about your clientele. Then, you will be successful.
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