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Motivate And Retain Employees Through Training And Development

Dec 7, 2007
People may come and go in a particular company. Others may stay long and loyal even up to the point of retirement while others leave early on or in a couple of years for certain reasons. Such reasons could either be being offered a better paying job someplace else, deciding to pursue further studies, getting bored with the existing job or basically losing the motivation and drive to stay with the current employer.

Employees are motivated to work by several factors. Of course, the financial factor involved is one that you cannot erase from the picture for many if not majority work for the money. But one key factor though that motivates and encourages employees to work and to stay with their current employer is the availability of opportunities for him or her to grow within the company and advance his or her career through training and development.

Different employees may have different view points about the type of training and development opportunities they wish to get. Training and development is not just all about attending external training seminars and classes. Within the company itself training and development can range from promoting hard-working employees to higher responsibility positions or even just rotating employees to different departments to give them the opportunity to learn other skills that could prove to be useful for their career development.

The type of responsibilities that an employee currently has on his or her current job can significantly impact his or her training and development in the company. Expanding his or her current duties with higher level responsibilities, reassigning routine tasks and assigning new ones can train and prepare that employee for higher job positions or job openings for other departments within the company. More room for decision making, planning and supervision responsibilities should be given. Afford as well the opportunity for employees to train in other duties and responsibilities.

External seminars as well as the company's internal training sessions can help develop and further enhance both an employee's skills and knowledge. Enable your employees to take online classes whether they are work-related or for further knowledge. Provide flexible work schedules to enable them to attend university or college classes to further pursue advance studies or continuing education.

Employees should be given the opportunity to pursue training and development not only work-related but also in what they choose to be interested in. Any company should support and rally for learning. Apart from motivating and retaining employees, training and development can create employees who will benefit the company and who will benefit themselves as well from the learnings that they have gained.
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