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Getting The Right Balance With Corporate Events

Dec 7, 2007
It can be quite daunting arranging corporate events for the first time. What should you organise, when you should you organise and where should you organise it? You hear the words 'just go and organise something effective' and walk away and think HELP!

It's not quite as bad as you think, it's really not. If you think methodically and ask the right questions, then organising corporate events can be a relatively straight forward task that will have great productive outcomes, it's all about getting the balance right and asking the right questions.

It's often the case that the information you receive is quite woolly, getting details can be incredibly difficult but you do need details or you'll end up doing the same research a dozen or more times and have you really got all of that time? Shouldn't you be doing something else - like your proper job?

First things first and go straight for the jugular and ask what your budget is, it is crucial that you have this. If you hear the all too familiar response of 'well you go and see how much they cost and we'll look at it' coming back at you, ask this question, are you to be looking at 50 pounds per head, 250 pounds per head or 500 pounds per head, this normally elicits a more workable response.

Then ask what it is that you should be looking to achieve from the day, is it to have a conference, team building or just pure corporate entertainment, again it's very important to ascertain what your objectives are as there is such a wide range of corporate events to choose from. A estimated number of attendees is a vital piece of information, doesn't need to be exact but you can imagine the difference that it makes if you plan an event for 50 and there's actually 350 that are going to attend.

Once you have these two important details, you are nearly ready to go and start your initial research, just one final detail remains - what date are you looking to host it on? Now you don't necessarily need an exact date but a month and preferably a day of the week would be extremely helpful. When you are looking to host your corporate events obviously dictates what you organise, there's no point organising an It's a Knockout water based team build in December and equally you may not want to be organising an indoor event in the height of summer.

So by now you should have been able to extract what budget you should be looking to work towards, what your objectives are, how many people will be going and what date you should be organising it on. You've managed to extract this information without having to pin someone down and you can see how you are not looking for specific details from them, you are simply looking for guidance from which specific plans for your corporate events can be drawn from.
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Shaun Parker has arranged numerous corporate events and shares his experiences to make life easier for you.
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