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Choosing The Right Team Building Event For Your Group

Dec 7, 2007
We've all been there, you have been given the task of organising a team building event. You've been told that it's got to be fun, interactive and business related and it's also got to be cost effective. What do you do and where do you start when facing this task?

It's always good to narrow down the task, don't see the big picture but firstly ask yourself some core questions; what are your objectives? If you've been asked to organise the team building event to have a business related benefit, then what in particular is it that you hope to illicit from the event? More often than not, it's a generic business issue it's not often the case that a particular business rule or regulation is learnt. It's normally something broader such as your company wants to improve communication or your delegates don't actually get chance to meet face to face and in order to improve relationships between departments, you want a team activity that will break the ice between them.

Once you have narrowed down the core objectives, then you can take a look at the circumstances that surround your conference or event. We already know that you want a team building event but is this event going to last a full day or are you having a meeting before or after it? The team building activities that you choose for a half day are very different than a full days activities.

Think about your groups normal levels of activity, are they up and about moving around most of the day or are they mainly based behind the desk? If they are normally behind a desk then it's crucial that you remember this. It's often the case that organisers want to fill up a full day of action packed activity but they forget that most of their team are simply not fit enough to last a full day. It's so important that you consider this, when people start feeling tired and exhausted, they start to feel that they are under achieving, they give up and then all of a sudden your fantastic planning of a good team building event has been pointless, it's actually been counterproductive.

Next you have to consider the time of year when looking at a specific activity. There are more people than you would imagine that look to organise water based inflatable activities in the winter - normally they are a great fun idea for a team building event but in the cold light of winter nobody wants to be standing around in the cold whilst dripping wet. If you are unsure about the suitability of any activity ask the team building company if they think it's suitable for the time of year.

Finally the age old consideration of your budget should be carefully thought about and it's still the case that less is more when choosing the right team building event. It's better to have a good quality three hour event than a longer event that doesn't cut the grade because your budget doesn't stretch.

So when you are looking to organise your team building event, please do think about all the areas that we have discussed but also call your team building company and talk to them. They have years of experience of running successful team events and they can help guide you towards the perfect solution for your group.
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Shaun Parker has arranged numerous team building events and shares his experiences to make life easier for you.
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