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How to Make Money in Network Marketing When Your Product Doesn't Sell

Dec 7, 2007
You're excited-you've just signed up to be a distributor for Xyz Company. You're going to be selling the hottest selling product known to mankind-at least that is what your sponsor told you. Then reality hits you like a stink bomb. How in the heck are you going to sell these products?

This is the panic that probably went through your mind right after you signed up in your company. What you probably didn't know then, was that being a distributor is going to take some business know how and a lot of marketing skills. This herein lies the problem. You, like most new people, may not have either. This leaves people like you with a garage full of products you couldn't even give away. That too takes some marketing skill.

Network marketing basically comes down to how fast you can move product. Without the proper skill set, it's going to be very challenging. Some people like to point the finger at the product or even the company as the reason they can't sell the product.

But if that was the case, then there wouldn't be any "heavy-hitters" in your company making money. Either they have mastered the art of marketing, or they're a "natural" at selling lots of products or have a bigger rolodex than you. You must have one of the three or your business could be heading for trouble, if it isn't already.

This leaves you in a dilemma. You either learn how to market your product or you go and try to recruit others to help you. Some go for the latter and find that it's difficult to recruit enough people into the business to make an impact in their bank account. This may your story too.

It's like you're stuck between two rocks...and neither of them is budging. The only way to make any headway is to saddle down and learn how to market; but not just market your products. You see, when you bring other people into your business, which you undoubtedly will sooner or later, they will have the same problems you had-not knowing how to market.

They will go through the very same dilemmas you went through and it will either break them or make them. More often than not, it does the latter. They will just quit your business because they couldn't figure it out fast enough to make a profit.

All your time, money and energy spent getting prospects for your business will be for not, if you recruit those who are not experienced enough to run a business. And for the most part, that will be the majority of people you bring into your business.

This is why you not only have to learn how to market your company's products, but also learn how to market training tools and systems to help educate your potential prospects before you get them into your business.

If you're marketing training tools, you can use the profits from that to fund your business thereby reducing your marketing expenses; it's even advantageous to lead with the training rather than your opportunity, so your potential prospects can be educated enough on how to run a business before they join yours. In this respect, your leads are paying for themselves.

If someone is willing to invest in getting training from you, they are a much better prospect to have in your business; once someone buys from you, they are more than likely to buy again. By educating your prospects, it builds trust in you and your opportunity, which you can ease them into after you've built enough trust with them.

Making money by selling your company's products can be a difficult road to take, but it can be done if you have the right marketing skills. It's more to your advantage to sell training that will help your prospects first before you try to put them into your business.

Not only will it help reduce your marketing expenses, but it puts your prospect in a better position to make money in your opportunity, which then reduces the chances of them quitting on you. This is the easiest way to make money in network marketing when you can't sell your products.
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