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The Simple Equation For Online Profits

Dec 7, 2007
Learning to make a living online can leave you in quite a confused state. As you look at the materials available that demonstrate how to make online profits, you will find that there are many different opinions and methods about marketing online. If you boil each of them down to basics, you end up with a common theme from them all, a simple equation for making money online...

Successful internet marketing can be summed up in this simple equation:

(Research + Product + Sales Letter + Traffic) * action = Profit.

That equation reads: RESEARCH plus PRODUCT plus SALES LETTER plus TRAFFIC times ACTION equals PROFIT.

Let me touch on each of those factors so you can see how the equation works. The first factor is research. Research consists of learning what products will sell and the group or niche to sell it to. This research can be as easy as determining what the best selling ebooks are. The research leads to your next factor, your product.

Your research has told you what product you should sell to your niche. Now you need to get your hands on that product. You can get that product by creating your own or buying rights to a product or even by becoming an affiliate. Once you do any of those you then have your product.

The third factor in the equation is the sales letter. You create a sales letter or sales page to sell your product. Based on the research you did, you remind your niche why they must buy. You list your product's features and benefits, create headlines and sub headlines borrow ideas from your swipe file and build your sales letter. Now it's time for the fourth factor, traffic.

Traffic is nothing more than visitors to your sales page. Generating that traffic is what you will most likely spend most of your time and energy on. The more traffic or visitors that read your sales page, the more product you will sell and the more profit you will make. The final factor to consider is the most important factor of all, action.

Nothing gets done until you take action. You can learn all the ways to make money online but until you put that knowledge into action you have nothing. 95 percent of all internet marketing wannabes never reach their goal of making money online because they don't take action!

You may know how to do research, create products, write sales letters, generate traffic, but if you do not translate all of that into action you cannot make money.

You can be a successful internet marketer. Focus on the internet marketing equation of (Research + Product + Sales Letter + Traffic) and take action on all of those factors. If you can do that, and stay at it, you can make money online.
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