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How To Promote Your Business To Thousands While You Drive

Dec 7, 2007
Whether you are a sales professional or the proud owner of an Internet or brick-and-mortar business, there is a wonderful way to deliver your message to thousands of motorists and pedestrians every day.

You can stick small and fancy plates in the back of your car. These little plates will work hard for you in downtown traffic, on a crowded freeway or even while you're parked at the mall.

Imagine the impact of having your website address, e-mail address, company name, phone number and business message seen thousands of times every day in major city traffic.

Assuming the average person drives to and from work daily in rush hour traffic in a large city, EACH plate you display in your car will be seen and understood a minimum of 3,000 times per day.

These are called "impressions". Start figuring the cost. Assume the average car owner will keep their vehicle for 3 years. 3,000 impressions per day X 365 days = 1,095,000 impressions per year (X 3 years = 3,285,000 impressions per plate!).

Forget bumper stickers and other cheap, cheesy decals. The small plates I am talking about are available in elegant polished chrome or a luxurious gold matte finish and are carefully hand assembled to your text specifications. They mount safely to your vehicle and have been road tested in the frigid Canadian north and in dry desert heat. Your plate can be run through hundreds of car washes and will probably outlast your car!

Who can use these plates?

Webmasters - Small Businesses - Manufacturers - Corporations - Auto Dealerships - Political Organizations - Retail Stores - Limousine Services - Real Estate Companies - MLM's - Internet Businesses - Service Businesses - Schools - Universities - Trade Unions - Associations - Churches - Individuals

What are they doing with these plates?

* Advertising and promoting their Web Sites and Businesses Using them as Premiums and Incentives
* Broadcasting their message
* Creating Goodwill by giving them to customers and employees
* Creating public interest in their products and services with catchy slogans that get noticed on the road!

What do they put on their plates?

Web Site URL's - Email Addresses - Company Names - Slogans - Phone & Fax Numbers - Association and Institution Names - Personal Messages and Favorite Sayings ....and the list is growing!

Where do they put them?

Vehicles - Trucks - Vans - Taxis - Fleets - Buses - Boats

In the Office - On Office Doors - Storefront Windows - Walls - Filing Cabinets - Counters

At Home - In Home Offices - On the Mail Box- Bedroom Doors - Refrigerator Doors

In my research I have found out this as one of the best ways to promote your business or website while your effort is simply driving your car as you do every day. The cost of this small displays compared to their effect and millions of views of your business name is simply ridiculous.

This is a very simple yet extremely effective way of promoting your business, website or your own name to thousands while you are simply driving your car. This promotional system is at the same time very elegant and nice looking. Nobody but the cars or people passing or driving behind your car will notice your nice sticker.
About the Author
Juan Rodriguez Villa is a consultant specializing in online and offline marketing. He has studied and researched deeply about the impact of offline promotion of the online business. If you want to read more about his study please click this link: http://idplates.blogspot.com/
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