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Video Blogging : Effective Internet Marketing Strategy

Dec 7, 2007
To succeed in online business venture, there is a need to implement Internet marketing strategy for this and one avenue for product promotion or advertising. On effective way to promote your product on the internet is the use of video blogging.

Surely, most of Internet marketer know about it and perhaps you are one of them. So, what is video blogging? Well, in a simple explanation, video-logging is one avenue for product presentation or promotion or advertising in the Internet. There are several video blogging websites that cater video broadcasting and you can download, upload, and broadcast anytime you want.

Video blogging is the sum-total of the integration of text, image or picture- and meta data that gives and overview for your video. It is used to convey and have have exchanges of views among online people. If we are to view it in business, video blogging is an important internet marketing strategy that can boost your online sales. Indeed, it is an effective marketing tool which you can use and take advantage.

As an example, you can utilize video-logging for your product presentation online by providing your viewers a product-demo which is best conveyed in an advertisement or infomercial format. Video blogging is a viable medium to promote your product or services and therefore can increase your marketing sales.

Below are some tips that help you to create an effective video blog:

You must use a good camera, use professional lighting and proper backgrounds.

Bright lights must be use when shooting an indoor video segment.

Professional microphone for clear audio is a must. It'll be more appealing to your viewers if both audio and video are good.

Of course, you have to rehearse your lines, actions, before you start in recording. You can not afford to waste time by doing it all over again in the business world. This thing must be noted.

Learning from video software is encouraged and advisable to help you on how to manage editing your recording

You can visit some video-blogging websites and strive to get ideas for others video-bloggers, especially, you can visit the high-ranking video blog sites.

Perfect demonstration or presentation is, indeed, a must to achieve higher sales. The use of video-blogging as your internet marketing strategy will help you in providing an effective presentation that you need for product promotions. Be sure that you are able to apply this strategy and have your market online healthy as ever.
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Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc, MCIM) is a business consultant who has
conducted business throughout Europe, Far East & the U.S. He specializes in helping
businesses use the new technologies as a part of their business strategies.

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