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What To Look For When Taking On An Internet Marketing Mentor?

Dec 7, 2007
The benefits of learning from someone in the same field with more experience has long been recorded and many successful people will be able to name someone they mastered their skills from or who was instrumental in helping them achieve success.

Anyone new to internet marketing or looking to build an automated internet business that continuously brings in profits must seriously consider learning from a mentor.

The old definition of a mentor was someone within an organization who was older and more experienced. Their role would be to help new employees to grow and develop, offering an opportunity for them to climb the corporate ladder faster as the mentor introduced them to people and opportunities they would not otherwise have access to alone.

Now mentors exist in all industries and internet marketing is no different. Success online took over 5 years for many people and those who achieved success began to offer an opportunities for others to learn.

Now in 2007 there are a number of internet marketing mentors available for anyone serious enough to invest the time and income and because of that people new to the industry are experiencing success in less time than ever before.

Whilst learning "how to" run your internet based business making connections and creating joint ventures is also an important element and your internet marketing mentor will be able to achieve that for you.

Business success not only depends on what you know but also who you know. When you join an exclusive mentoring program you will usually get access to the expert who will go out of their way to help you because your success is their success.

You have invested a large sum of money by buying their mentoring services so they are more likely to invest their time in you by supporting you in whatever way possible.

It is important that when considering who you will be learning from you take a good look at what you will be taught and how. Forget promises on a web page, and instead focus on :

Can I actually interact with the person who is running the program?
What is the vision for all the members of this coaching program?
Are there joint venture opportunities available with other members?
What guarantees do they offer?
Do they offer the opportunity to promote your product?
Who have they successfully worked with in the past?
What resources are made available to you?
How much time commitment do you have to make to the program?
How quickly can you expect to see results if you consistently follow their program?
Are they dedicating all their time to teaching their clients or are they focused on other things?

All of these are important questions to consider when investing in a high end mentoring program if you want to ensure your investment helps you create the profitable business you desire.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, learning from the experienced internet marketing mentors who have successfully and consistently made their living online is an amazing experience.

It saves you time, energy and money because you will not waste precious time (sometimes years) on working on something that does not bring results. You are kept focused on achieving your desired goals and you gain an opportunity to have access not only to the expert but to the people that expert knows.
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Diane Corriette runs online services for consultants and entrepreneurs including a social network, online magazine and mentoring services. For more information on mentoring visit http://www.internetmarketingmentor.info
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