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7 Low Cost No Cost Ways to Market Your Company

Dec 7, 2007
There's good news if you're a business owner. You don't have to spend all your money on marketing! There are low cost ways which you can use to your advantage. The key in finding out what they are! Read on to find out how you can do this.

a. Business card: This one is such a given that maybe it shouldn't even be mentioned. However, it's surprising how many entrepreneurs forget to get a business card made. You need to have professional looking, attractive business cards which you can hand out when you meet clients. Also, the fact that you have a business card and business stationery at hand shows people that you take your business seriously.

b. Trade shows and meetings: Trade shows and other professional group meetings are entirely for networking and building contacts. Make sure you go to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, a civic association meeting or even one from the Rotary Club. Keep your business cards handy and every time you meet someone, tell your name. By the time you start talking about your business, you should have already handed the card to the person. Make sure to also take a personal interest in what these people do and ensure they remember you as a business contact.

c. Press releases: You could leverage the tremendous power of press releases. These are inexpensive, freely circulated and get you loads of publicity absolutely free of cost. Make sure to pick out a USP of your company or product which is unique and sellable. Then create press releases around this theme. Send these releases out highlighting this unique selling point so as to create a curiosity. Make sure the USP you are highlighting is going to interest the target audience.

d. Network, network, network: You need to network and build on contacts with other people in the same field. Tell them you are available for work and that you can help them with any overloads they may face.

e. Be a speaker: One of the best ways to generate free publicity for your business is by being a speaker. If you have a good command over the language and are able to speak well, consider giving a speech on a common topic of interest, related to your products and company. By speaking on a niche subject you get to establish authority as a subject matter expert of sorts. You could try establishing contact with various speaker bureaus that can provide you with suitable platforms for giving speeches.

f. Give free demos: If you have a set of products which can be demonstrated be sure to do it. Select a popular venue and then show people how to operate the product. If you have developed some tool for using in your work, you could teach others how to use it as well.

g. Cold calling: You may think cold calling is only for those irritating telemarketers but you couldn't be further from the truth. If you want word about your business to get across fast, then make sure to be prepared to make cold calls to customers.

So if you thought marketing your company signifies huge investments, think again. With these methods you can start promoting your company right away. It's really easy and quick. So all you need to do is implement!
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