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Using Flash In Email Marketing: An Introduction To Video Email

Dec 7, 2007
Email marketing is essential in today's business world for keeping in touch with clients. But just imagine if you could take things further and send a Flash format movie in your email marketing campaigns? Using flash for permission-based email marketing is a great way to impress your customers and get your point across. Here's what you need to know about using Flash in your email marketing layouts.

What is Flash and what are the benefits?

Flash is a technology that lets you stream movies, clips and animations across the Internet. Most Flash movies are short, but they can feature still images, moving pictures, text effects, music and audio. The great benefit with Flash is that almost 100 percent of Internet users have a Flash player installed on their computer. So Flash is a safe bet if you want to create an email marketing campaign that stands out.

Some email marketing providers have caught on to the popularity of Flash and are integrating it into their products. By using an email marketing service that lets you create and send video emails with Flash embedded in layouts, you'll gain from the following advantages:

Flash movies are great for getting a quick point across

You can use Flash format to showcase a short introduction from your company president or a quick product demonstration in your email marketing campaigns. Whichever type of Flash movie you choose to use, Flash works wonderfully for email marketing campaigns.

When a customer views your Flash format email, they pay nothing
Many customers are wary of having to give information or money to view a page or a movie. With Flash, the customer merely views the streaming movie and no payment or information is required.

You can use Flash movies to link to your Website

Flash movies are flexible enough to be used to send customers back to your site for more info. If you want to use Flash to enhance your emails, remember that most likely you will not stream your Flash clips within your actual emails. Most email service providers will not let you stream your Flash movie from the email itself. By sending customers to a mirror site where your movie streams, you can showcase more information on your products or services on the page where the clip actually streams.

Most customers will forward a Flash format movie to their friends

Why not grow your list at the same time that you're sending out videomail? Because Flash emails are so much more eye-popping than emails with just text and photos, most recipients are more likely to forward them to their friends. So, how can you capitalize this without breaking the law? Once your email gets forwarded to a friend, send the person who received the forwarded message an email asking if they'd like to opt-in to your email list. Don't assume that just because they received the forward and opened it, that you automatically have permission. Set the framework to build your list using opt-in practices and you can use Flash to grow your list with very little effort.
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Gary San is a best practices activist and advocate for Benchmark Rich Media ( http://www.benchmarkrichmedia.com ), a leading Web and permission-based video marketing service.
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