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Dec 8, 2007
When it comes to making money online the fastest way to get yourself over the initial learning curve, is to join a coaching or mentoring program that will provide you with the tools that you need to ensure your success.

Unfortunately, all the internet experts that talk about being able to offer you the best coaching or mentoring package online are not always able to deliver on their promises. Being able to create success for yourself is one thing, but being able to replicate the materials that will show others how to create that success is an entirely different thing.

In the last 12 months a number of mentoring opportunities that promise to help you learn internet marketing have appeared online and are being run by people who are not trained professionals or teachers.

These marketers have the belief that their success somehow qualifies them to begin teaching others. But learning success from a book or being inspired by the success story of someone, and actually being able to motivate and inspire an adult to learn something you are teaching is very different.

One of the first mentoring programs I embarked upon was with an experienced internet marketing company who charged over $7,000 and yet 6 months later, despite the promises and glossy paperwork that showed the 6 figure sums their past participants were all making, I had nothing to show for it (well not entirely true, I had acquired a lot of new found knowledge but still nothing to sell and I made no money).

One of the things missing was the fact that I had no product, or any idea about what I wanted to do online, and despite being told that did not really matter, it actually did in the end.

My second coaching program with an experienced internet marketer proved to be more rewarding.

The opportunity to connect with other people plus learn from some of the best internet marketing experts out there (I guess when you are well known you can pull in all your well known friends to help you out!) made a huge difference.

This is still an ongoing program and taught me a lot about how to make money online but still lacked the structure needed to teach a complete business system. I was looking to build a business structure not just earn some money.

Many people buy into the dream of sitting on the beach while money pours into their bank account, and whilst this is possible, what the experts neglect to mention is the fact that it can take time, commitment and work to achieve, and even after achieving it you are still "tied" to a business that needs constant attention.

Talk to any person you believe is an overnight success and they will paint the real picture for you of what it took to get them to that point. The more realistic dream is to look at building an automated online business that is put together so that each part of your business adds value and revenue to your profit margin.

So when you make the decision to take on an internet marketing mentor or coach be sure to think about the qualifications and expertise of the mentor you are taking on, rather than being dazzled about the fact that they once made a lot of money in a short amount of time.
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Diane Corriette runs online services for women including a social network, online magazine and mentoring services. For more information on mentoring visit http://www.internetmarketingmentor.info
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