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Hocus Pocus! The Magic Is Focus

Dec 8, 2007
We are part of a very busy society. Just look at any job ad. "Multitasking" is not merely a desirable extra in an employee; for many employers it's a prerequisite. Next day delivery, ATMs, microwave ovens and TiVO help us to speed up certain things in life so we can move on to the next task. There always seems to be something to do. Boredom seems like a relic from a time period long gone.

But while automation and faster service have improved many facets of our lives, some things just cannot be rushed. Things like building relationships, cooking a decent pot roast or establishing an online business. Yes, establishing an online business cannot be rushed! It seems strange that when building a business online, you really need to slow down, since everything about the internet seems to be centered on speed. One of the main things that turn people off of starting their own online business is distraction. People try to take what works for them in the "real world," rushing from one task to the next, and of course, expecting the results to happen just as quickly.

No one would expect a traditional business to turn a profit in the first few weeks. Most would consider it a success if the business were to break even in its first year. Even though a person who is starting an online business is free from the usual things that can stifle a traditional business, the same commitment, dedication and focus is necessary. Now, focus usually isn't included in the list of things a person should be aware of when starting an online business. But it will be the one aspect that will make or break your business efforts. But of course focusing is easier said than done. With so many conflicting views and thousands of business opportunities, just getting started can be the most difficult task of all.

First things first, pick an opportunity that you are interested in. It doesn't have to be something that you are really passionate about. Anything from a mild curiosity to a casual interest is fine. So many books and programs go into detail about promoting something that is already your hobby. I don't know about you, but there's not a big demand online for some of my hobbies (I've checked). Try to pick something that interests you and is in demand.

Secondly, set a budget. This will help you focus on what is necessary for building your business and what would just be an impulse purchase. A good idea is to write down products or services that look interesting but not within your budget at the time. When more money starts coming in and you want to reinvest it in your business, you will already have a list of products to research that can possibly boost your income or free you up from mundane tasks associated with your business.

Thirdly, set aside a minimum amount of time each day to dedicate to your business. You might want to focus on marketing one day and writing articles for additional content the next. Setting a schedule and sticking to it will work wonders for your ability to focus and grow your business effectively.

Make sure to take time out for self development. This is something that many new online businesspeople have failed to do (present company included). Keep up your exercise routine (if you have one), make sure you take time to pray, meditate; attend church or whatever you do to recharge your spirit. Remember to spend time with friends and family. Most people want to start a home based business so they can have more time to spend with their family and friends. So spend time with them now so they will still be around when you have more free time to spend with them! Remember, it's not just about money; it's about improving your quality of life.

Remembering to apply these simple steps will help you to lessen the frustration that will come when establishing your online business. Also, keep in mind that determination and focus can make up for what you may lack in expertise!

Success is just over the horizon. Can't see it? Well then, focus!
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