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A Formula For Managing The Stress Of Your Home Business

Dec 8, 2007
Is your home based business controlling you? Are you making progress with your online venture? Is your work load overwhelming? Are you frustrated with trying to make money on the internet? Welcome to the stressful world of developing a work from home business.

The stress that we face while we are creating our work at home business is unavoidable. The good news is that there is a formula that we can apply to manage the pressure: Creating Priorities + Developing Organization + Maintaining Focus = Manageable Stress. We cannot avoid the anxiety that will come but we can keep it under control. The journey that we must walk to achieve internet success creates the stress that we will face. The application of our formula will develop the resources for handling the pressure.

When we make the decision that we want to earn money online, we know that we are going to work. We have to learn new ideas and how to apply these concepts for our internet business success. We acquire mountains of information, oceans of ideas and vistas of insights for developing our home based venture. We must study, comprehend and utilize new theories. We roll up our sleeves and start creating our work at home enterprise. We cannot contain our enthusiasm because we have the information, the ideas and the applications. Success is on its way.

When our accomplishments are minimal, our level of stress begins to escalate. We convince ourselves that if we work harder and longer, our success will arrive quicker. Without warning, our work days spill into work nights. Our work week falls into the weekend. We have disregarded time and changed our priorities. We tell ourselves that when success arrives, we will readjust. We know that our home based business profits are on the horizon. We just need one more hour or one more day or one more Sunday. Unfortunately, success does not arrive but our stress grows.

When we find ourselves in this trap, we must stop, create our priorities, develop organization and maintain focus. We can control the stress but it will take self-discipline.

The first ingredient is to create our priorities. This might be revisiting the influences that motivated us to start a home business venture. Sit down and re-list what is important to you and why. Be specific and keep the list accessible. Our priorities influence the choices and decisions we make. We need to understand why the success of our online business is important. What is the motivation behind our effort? The toil that we put into our internet business is directly related to our priorities. Why are we doing this?

The second piece is to develop organization. When we are overwhelmed by the duties and responsibilities of our work at home enterprise, organization will help us take control of the confusion. Plan each day. We need to coordinate the tasks that we want to accomplish and allot a certain amount of time to each duty. Develop daily and weekly routines and adhere to them. We need to have the self discipline to stick to our schedule. Create a regular start and end time with breaks and lunch. This may be a home business but it is also a job. Take one day each weekend (or two) and leave your work environment and spend time with family or friends. Organization will relieve the confusion that develops through stress. Self discipline will help us stay focused on our priorities and time management.

The third (and hardest) part is maintaining focus. How many times have we heard our inner voice say that if we work just one more hour, one more night or one more Sunday our success will arrive. Don't listen. We need to re-visit our priorities and focus on our time management. We must use self discipline and develop a commitment to these concepts. We need a laser focus if we want to manage the stress that comes into our lives through our goal of making money online. Re-visit your priority list and your schedule regularly.

There are many situations that we cannot avoid as we walk the path for developing a successful home business. Stress will be part of our daily regimen. This pressure will be overwhelming at times, but we can manage it. Creating Priorities + Developing Organization + Maintaining Focus might bring us closer to the success that we desire in areas that can be more beneficial than making money online.

"If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is."
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