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Building Your Prospect List

Dec 8, 2007
In order to increase business, you've got to have clients! When you've got your website up and running it's time to invest some thought into building your prospect list. You may already have a few customers or readers per month, but now you want to increase that number.

One of the easiest ways to get people to know about your website is to buy a registered prospect list. The people that are registered on these lists have agreed to receive information about products or services they are interested in - so this is no way spam. Usually, they sign up for lists that are about their interests. These lists can be bought from online merchandisers who specialize in this area. It's important to check their credentials - you want to make sure you're not spamming people and getting a bad online name. Generally, you can expect 1 to 4 people to bite the bait out of every 100 emails you send. This is a good start. Note that the people on this list are interested in the particular topic you're an expert on - so they're more likely to become consistent visitors to your site - a big plus!

Another great way to advertise your site and get more people to visit it is to advertise - in the right places of course. You want to find a niche newsletter that pertains to your own expertise. Ask the owners to place your add in their newsletter. Again, the readers of this newsletter are interested in the topic you're writing about, so they're more likely to click your add. Moreover, they may be more ready to buy after receiving a great newsletter. You can also ask to write a short blurb about the newsletter's topic - this will give you the expertise advantage. When using this method, make sure you advertise in well-known newsletters that have already established themselves. This may be more expensive than advertising in less popular newsletters, but it's definitely worth it in terms of number of people who'll click your add. Make sure the newsletter is up to your standard before paying - subscribe to it first to see if you like the content.

Make yourself an expert! People love to hear more from others who are experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Post on forums and include your website in the signature. Post free articles on sites like these! Do everything you can to establish an online identity that people can remember and recognized.

The least expensive way to attract more customers and prospects is by word of mouth. It's harder to control this way of information exchange, but you can work on improving the number of people who'll visit your site and become lasting visitors. Make your site very user-friendly - that's an important but often overlooked key ingredient! Also, make the user want to stay - offer informative articles, great design and perhaps a community (think forum).

Of course, while you're doing all this, don't forget to build your list! Ask visitors on your site to subscribe to a free newsletter. This will work very well if you've got really great content - people will want to get more. Moreover, you can offer exclusive information in the newsletter that's not offered on the site. Other great ideas to offer are special promotions and deals. Make sure that you've got the right software to deal with a member's list and you're ready to go!
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