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Don't Buy MLM Leads Until You Know This One Thing

Aug 17, 2007
MLM leads must be the easiest leads in the world to generate.

When I did a Google search for the keyword phrase buy mlm leads it produced over 1.6 million results.

But that got me thinking. Why are mlm leads so popular and why do so many people buy them. Here are a few things I came up with.

1. MLM leads when used right can increase your mlm business.

2. You can give the mlm leads you buy to your downline to help them build their business.

3. You can sponsor a contest and give the winner more leads.

4. Buying mlm leads is cheaper than many forms of advertising such as classfied ads or flyers.

5. When you buy mlm leads you can begin contacting them the minute you get them.

6. The mlm leads you buy saves you the time it would take to generate them yourself

You could go on and on with this type of a list. Any mlm business is only going to be as good as the distributors in it and those prospects have to come from somewhere. Going out and handing out business cards in restaurants, or on the subway, or
whereever you are is hard work and the average person is to reserved to do that anyway.

So that brings us back to the title of this article "Don't Buy MLM Leads Until You Know This One Thing." And that one thing is how are you going to work them? What is your strategy once you
have the leads. Are you going to phone them, mail them, email them, drive over to their house, or what.

Without a doubt how to work your leads once you have bought them is the number one thing distributors fail at. And to be truthful not contacting your mlm leads at all is alot of the problem as well. In an mlm business it has been said the fortune is in the
follow-up and in reality that is going to take some work on an ongoing basis. This is going to take a skill that you can learn over a period of time. The mlm company you are involved with will provide training to you as will most mlm lead generation

So before your buy any mlm leads be sure you are comitted to working thru them over and over and you know why you are buying them to begin with. Be sure that you are willing to do this on a consistent basis for a long period of time. Buying mlm leads and
then doing nothing with them is a waste of your money and you would be better off doing nothing at all.
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