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Err On The Side Of Caution With Money Clips

Dec 9, 2007
You may think of robbery as something that's committed against banks or convenience stores that are open 24/7. Well you're wrong, for robbery is not exclusive to these establishments. Any event wherein a party uses force or fear to forcibly take something from a person or group of people is by essence a robbery. This means that you may be the next victim.

Factual Reminders

You may think that this fact is pure common sense that nobody needs to reinstate it for you. Did you know that it's these types of things, these so-called common sense facts that people tend to ignore the most, that people forget. Well anyway, maybe the following factual reminders are still helpful after all.

To start with, as statistics would have it only 2.1% of robberies account for those committed against banks and 8.3% against convenience stores and gas stations. A hefty 44.5% occur in the street with unwitting people like you as the primary prospective victim.

You Don't Have to be an Unwitting Victim

But you don't have to be that 'unwitting' victim. With the right amount of caution, you can make yourself less vulnerable to these opportunistic robbers. Again, you need more than just common sense to achieve this goal.

First, let me introduce you to three types of robbers. The first type is the 'pure robber.' All he wants is to take everything you are carrying that has value. He wants your wallet and your bag or any gadgets that you have with you. Of course he uses threats of violence and your own fear to get what he wants. But this type of robber is hardly ever violent and would take off as soon as he gets what he wants.

The next type of robber is the "coward type." It is their cowardice that makes them dangerous. You make a little move and you'll get them all nervous and startled. The next thing you know, they've fired a shot. The funny thing is that this is not intentional on their part. But intentional or not, it could cost a life.

The third type is the scariest, if not the most dangerous. This class of robbers is called the 'goons'. They are first-rate cold-blooded criminals. They are violent and ruthless. They don't only make threats for they do mean what they say. If they say they ought to kill you, they usually mean it. And they enjoy watching you in utter fear and may stay a while to savor the moment. These are the types of robber you can expect to linger even after you have given them what they wanted.

Keep Them Away

So how do you protect yourself from these people? You ought to realize by now that whatever type of robber you are dealing with, once you've become their victim, escape is not easy. This given, there is only one best thing to do and that is to keep them away from you.

Do not do anything that will invite these hoodlums to you. Avoid showing them your goodies. They are usually after your cash and your gadgets. So avoid flaunting your cell phone or PDA in public. When getting some cash from your wallet, do it in a flourish so you won't have to parade your goodies to watching eyes.

And for this purpose, you have money clips to assist you. Money clips will help you secure your bills in place and sort them out so that it becomes easier for you to get the exact bill that you need. Or you could lose the wallet altogether. Remember how robbers are usually after your wallet? You can bet that you will never encounter a robber specifically asking that you give up your money clips.

And with money clips, you get to safeguard your security with elegance and style. Go see a host of money clips showcased on the Internet and you'll see what I mean. Money clips may be just what you need.
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