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Have You Heard Of The Wealth Magnet System?

Dec 9, 2007
I have. They say that the Wealth Magnet System is turning heads. They say that the system has been designed for people who want to do NO selling or advertising to make money. So just explain to me how that works? Do I just turn on my computer, sit back and the money rolls in? Can I drink a beer and have some chips as this is happening? They say the system does 95% of the work for you. Wow, why did I waste all these years working when I could have just turned on my computer and had the wealth magnet system doing the work for me.

These are just some of the things that I'm reading on the Internet about this new system that started in May of '07 by Jim Mack and Bryon Howell. I have heard that these gentlemen are top earners in other companies and are experts in Internet marketing, but I'm SURE they didn't have a system or computer do 95% of the work for them. I am willing to bet that they put in plenty of hours to get to the top. You can listen to testimonials from others such as Linda Miller, Jess Reyes, Dr. Daniel Trainer, Wesley Gray, Chris Cohen and others, go ask them if they just turned on their computers and let the wealth magnet system generate those riches for them.

The company also claims to have an exclusive database of Internet marketing videos and audios that are worth several thousands of dollars and until now there has been no one willing to teach people exactly what they do to make money online. I am sure that Wealth Magnet does teach their people using all the tools above, but so do a lot of other companies. Videos, audios, telephone conferencing, go to meetings and webinars are being used by other companies as well.

The Wealth Magnet System also boasts that they are not a 1 up system or a 2 up system, neither are a lot of other companies out there, you can start earning immediately with other companies as well. The Internet is growing and evolving very rapidly today, so rapidly that sometimes it's hard to keep up the pace. You need a full time person to help you with the changes and other entrepreneurs are right on top of the new systems that are coming out everyday.

I am sure that with the guaranteed training that this system provides that it works fine. But I would also be willing to bet that you have to work the system to be productive and successful, nothing just happens without you putting in the hours to make it happen. I would just do a lot of research before I made my decision. Make sure that you speak to people that have the experience in checking out different companies. There are many companies out there and here are just a few that you could be successful with as long as you applied yourself and the teachings that you are given. Coastal Vacations, EDC Gold, Eventis, Emerald Passport, Jaguar Marketing, Liberty League, Global Resorts Network, Passport To Wealth, Prosperity International, Perfect Wealth Formula.

You can call yourself The Victory Team, Inet Marketing Group, The Ultimate Wealth Package, The Instant Money Vault, The Top Wealth Magnet System Team or any number of other names. But just remember, you have to apply yourself, work hard, always have an open mind to learn everyday, because the Internet is changing that fast.
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