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How To Build PR5 For Your Site - Free

Dec 9, 2007
Most small ecommerce business owners are in a constant struggle to increase their PR rating. It is a time consuming and expensive endeavor. Buying links reduces time, but it costs about $250 for 1000 directory links. Doing it yourself is free, but results in hundreds of links back to directories - ruining the home page.

Building a site from PR0 to PR2 is relatively easy:

a) Have a private domain name
b) Be online more than 3 - 5 months
c) Change content once a week.
d) Have more than 50 inbound links

The next step is a little trickier. It is possible to increase to PR3 in less than three months, but it takes a little more work.

a) Have at least 50 - 100 articles on the site
b) Submit to directories
c) Link to the site from forums
d) Join Google's PayPerClick Program

Option d) often frustrates new business owners. They read this on many sites, but they do not realize that the gurus are not saying 'embark on an Internet Advertising Campaign.' They are saying, Join the PPC program. All a small business owner needs to do is join, invest $20 once, and they reap the benefits.

Google has spiders that search the internet. They find sites, rank them, and measure their relevance. This can take several months, and often has multi false starts. Google makes mistakes because web owners use the wrong keywords, or do not understand how to optimize their sites. But, if you join the PPC, 'you' tell Google where you want to go and how to set up the site. Better yet, Google must spider and rank the site within 24 hours so it can add the website to the program.

Once the $20 is gone, do not worry about re-investing anymore unless it has proven to be a profitable venture.

Testing PR

It is easy to test Page Rank. If the Google ads on the side of the page match the keywords and content on the page, then the page rank will increase faster. Another way to test page rank is to do a Google search for an article title on your website. You can be specific as necessary to bring your page up.

Once the business website is coming up in the search in the first three to five searches, then look at the rest of the search page. Do the rest of the websites offer the same content, share keywords, similar products? Or, does your business's page/web site stick out like an ugly duckling? If so, then there is a problem that will lower the Page rank.

Increasing PR Above PR3

The task of increasing a site from PR3 to PR5 is more difficult. This is where most new business owners become lost. There are two ways to do it, Organic, and Built.

Organic refers to a website that grows naturally. People visit the site, add links to their pages, and the site grows naturally. Organic works, but most webmasters forget to include a little message 'feel free to link to this page' so no one tries.

A built site is one where the business owner is responsible for generating most of the links. There are several ways to do this, building a blog network, forums, and adding content to the page.

PR5 can usually be achieved by generating 10 000 or more links. Not impossible. If the business owner has 200 pages of content on their website, and each page has 30 links to other pages, then the inside links generate 6000 alone. Google does count the links inside a website, because the size of a website is as important as links, especially if all the content is similar.

Another way to build links is to write free content articles and post them on free content sites. This can quickly generate hundreds of inbound links. The important fact to remember is that Google doesn't consider links to the home page as important as links to an article page.

Using only 2 or 3 pages to link to will increase those page's PR, which in turn, will increase the entire site's PR. Google is currently rating inbound links from directories, forums, articles, blogs, websites, link bars, signature lines, roughly in order of importance as they appear in this list.

Another trick is to take advantage of the directories. There are directories for everything, blogs, forums, podcasts, newsfeeds, newsletters, etc. Each of these tools can be used to add hundreds of inbound links to the website.

None of these PR building tools costs anything. Each is free, and each can increase a site's PR as well as investing $5000 into a campaign.
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