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How To Buy Website Traffic

Dec 9, 2007
There are several reasons to buy web traffic. An ecommerce business will not be in business long before they realize that 100 000 visitors does not generate much income. Instead, they need to be attracting 500 000 - a month. Even at that, their success rate will be low.

This causes many people to consider buying 'hits' to their website. There are several reasons why a website might need to buy hits. If they are a social networking 'content management' site, built to pre-sell a product, then they might want to consider buying hits to increase their statistics. The higher their stats, the more they can charge for advertising.

An ecommerce business needs to increase their hits to increase the Return On Investment (ROI). But, is all traffic good traffic?

Quality Traffic

Even if you have read everything about Internet Marketing Expert alive on this planet talk about web traffic. Some claim that websites need as much traffic as possible, others claim that 1000 target audience visitors are worth more than 100 000 random visitors. One things most gurus believe, is that a website will earn one sale from 10,000 visitors, even if the website breaks every ecommerce rule in the book.

First step is to build a sales page, and then used Google's Adwords to drive traffic to the website. In fact, build several. Keep stats on which ones do well, and even measure whether one does well in the winter, another does well in the summer.

Bad Traffic

Driving traffic to a site is easy - give something away free. But, like a bricks and mortar business, those people must be willing to purchase something. Most sites will receive comments from visitors demanding the paid products free. They will not pay. They have no money. This is 'bad' traffic. These people have money, they are just not willing to pay for the product.

Bad traffic drains the company's bandwidth, increases the load on the Server, and makes it expensive to continue giving the product away for free.

This is where Google can come in handy. Changing a few keywords, for a few weeks, can help the business owner 'find' the Good Traffic.

Good Traffic

Generic keywords can bring in the wrong type of visitor, but so can using the right keywords. Offering something free will bring in traffic, but most of it won't have any interest in the service or product. They will just want something free.

Good traffic will still only provide a 5% click through rate, but that is often enough. Instead of offering a product free, offer the 'introductory' or 'sample' free. This alerts people to the fact that there is something for sale on the other end.

"Good Traffic" equals "Targeted Traffic!"

Targeted Traffic

One of the best ways to find targeted traffic is to go to social networking sites that 'pre sell' your target audience and then advertise on their sites. Another way is to advertise, or write for, newsletters aimed at people who are interested in purchasing your product.

Buying Traffic

There are hundreds of sites that promise to drive targeted traffic to your site. Their initial cost is fairly reasonable. If the number of people hitting the site is the only factor, and the income is generated from advertising or Google, then buying hits may be profitable. If nothing else, it will work to increase the page rank of the site.

Unfortunately, these lists go out of date almost before they are created. It may take a website more than a year to build a list of 'people interested in learning how to start a business.' By the time the list is public, those who signed up are probably already in business, the majority are looking for free information and are not buyers, and the remainder will just delete the emails.
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