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How To Increase The Amount Of Time Your Visitors Stay On Your Website!

Dec 10, 2007
As an internet marketer, you know the importance of website traffic. As a matter of fact, the majority of your time as an internet marketer will be spent developing marketing strategies to draw the attention of individuals who will make good traffic for your website. While traffic is an essential element to success when it comes to internet marketing endeavors, there is something even more important. That something is keeping your website visitors interested enough that they stay on your website. Here, you will learn some valuable steps to do just that!

The first thing that you can do to increase the amount of time your visitors stay on your website is to create your website in such a way that users find it easy to maneuver around. Organization is the key when it comes to creating an effective website that will appeal to your visitors. Without organization and proper structure, your visitors may become frustrated and move on to another website that is easy to navigate and understand. Sure, it may take a little time to set up your website in a manner that is structurally fit for the novice internet surfer, but if it is done correctly, you will immediately see results!

The second thing that you can do to increase the amount of time that your visitors spend on your website is to create valuable content. This means that you should create content that is loaded with a lot of useful information, is written in a simple and precise manner, and will interest those in your website readership. Many website owners simply through together content that is keyword stuffed and contains a lot of word "fluff". While it is true that integrating keywords is a core element to internet success and search engine rankings, if it is over done, you will lose the interest of the traffic that you receive.

The third thing that you should do to ensure that visitors remain on your website is to avoid the temptation to decorate your site with lavish graphics. It is important to understand that there are still individuals who rely heavily on the use of dial up modems to connect to the internet. When visiting a website that carries a heavy load of graphics and other items, it can take a long time to appropriately load a page. Many, when experiencing heavy load times, will back out of a website and visit another one that loads more quickly. You can keep your website looking professional without the heavy burden of graphics, animations, and flashy backgrounds.

The fourth thing that you can do to ensure that your visitors remain on your website is to produce activities that are interactive. Individuals who are given the opportunity to interact in the virtual world are more likely to remain at a website for an extended amount of time. You may want to place a forum on your website where visitors may chat with each other. You may consider placing interactive quizzes and polls on the website. Many website marketers are starting to implement the use of the online gaming industry in order to maintain a steady stream of consistent website traffic.

The fifth thing that you can do to ensure that your traffic stays on your website for an extended amount of time is to offer one or more free products. You may offer free software, games, or even free eBooks. All of these products are quite popular to internet users. By providing an area where your visitors can download free things, you are opening up the door to potential website traffic. In addition to this, you can include your link and information in the product that you offer and allow individuals who download it to advertise and sell it, or even give it away to others on their websites! This is a great way to get down right viral!

As you can see, there are a number of different methods that can be used to gain internet traffic, and keep that traffic on your website. The longer that an individual stays on your website, there is more likely a chance that the individual will purchase what you have to offer. If you want to succeed as an internet marketer, it is important to ensure that you follow the tips listed in this article. You will begin to see immediate traffic and consistency as a result of your internet marketing endeavors.
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