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7 Low Cost No Cost Ways to Network

Dec 10, 2007
Effective networking is one of the best ways to gain good market exposure. The good news is that you can do this at low cost! Whether it is the list of friends and acquaintances you have or meeting someone new, it always helps to have more contacts. Here are some low cost ways to improve your network of contacts.

a. Calling up: If you are scared or have inhibitions about cold calling then shed them right away. Pick up your telephone and start calling your contacts. You could contact journalists and media persons right away. Contacting such persons will prove to be very beneficial for your organization as having relations with them can mean good publicity for you in future. At a later date whenever you need to introduce a new marketing campaign or product, just contact these media persons and you are assured of publicity.

b. Social media websites: With the recent wave of Web 2.0, it's foolish not to leverage this wonderful technology for increasing one's network of contacts. With various blogs, forums and online discussion groups, there is no dearth of opportunity for building on your contacts. You never know - one contact can lead to another and may even land you a business deal!

c. Introduce yourself: If you are the shy and reserved kind of person who takes time to open up to a conversation, you can forget about networking. Successful networking is all about being proactive, talking and meeting people as much as you can. Make sure to go meet as many people in your niche segment and introduce yourself and your business to them.

d. Free speeches: Free speeches help any business person establish authority in the niche segment. So if you speak well and know your subject matter fairly well, consider giving a free speech at a common and popular venue. You will not only find large crowds gathering but once you give out your business cards you'll be amazed at how soon customers start enquiring about your products.

e. Group meetings: Group meetings and public body associations are great ways to socialize and network. Make sure to carry plenty of business cards when you reach the place. Once you are there, be proactive in introducing yourself and handing out your business cards to clients. This really helps create an impression on potential business partners and you will very soon find yourself receiving enquiries from customers.

f. Events: By having a fun-filled and interesting event in your office premises, you can get to network a lot. Try having a dinner party or an informal luncheon and invite everyone you know. Anyone who is interested in this niche vertical can also be invited. This way you get to meet plenty of new people and add them to your contact list.

g. Help out: If you know some associations or professional groups, consider getting involved in an active manner. You may not be able to volunteer for a lot of the work but trying to help out in little ways can really help build on your network of contacts. You will not only meet more people but also be able to propagate your business in this manner.

Networking is crucial to business growth. This especially holds true if you're in the service sector. So use these proven methods to network your way to more business and more profits!
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