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How to Use Article Marketing to Earn Passive Income from Affiliate Marketing

Dec 10, 2007
I often hear people talk about passive income. Everyone wants to make money without putting forth much effort. As far as most businesses are concerned, however, this just isn't possible. Affiliate marketing is one area where you can set up your online business; advertise your site through article marketing and sit back to watch your efforts bring in passive income.

A way to make easy money online is to get your affiliate link in front of more people and turn them into clients. You can do this for free using article marketing.

How to Use Article Marketing
Article marketing, also referred to as BUM marketing, is a free away to create back links to your site by submitting an article to a submission directory service. Your site benefits from the clout that the large article directories hold and that leads to more clicks and more sales. You not only make money from your old website, you also earn passive income from affiliate marketing.

The concept of article marketing is simple. Write a high-quality article that covers a keyword in your niche topic. The content directly relates to your website and the links provided by your affiliates. Then use that article to spread the word about your expertise, your website and your affiliate links. To do this you submit the content to an article directory service who will post the article for others to use for free on their sites; as long as they are included in their entirety, including information about the author.

The content article provides useful information and brings something new to the table for their readers. It also captures their interest and leaves them hungry for more. Most submission directories won't allow links within the article itself. Sell yourself, your website and your affiliate program in the author box.

Target Potential Customers to Earn More through Affiliate Marketing
The more visitors you bring to your website, the more you earn through affiliate marketing. The best part about using article marketing in your affiliate marketing efforts is that you directly target potential customers.

Webmasters choose to use your content based on how well your article fits in with their niche topic. Your content is placed on websites that draw in readers who are interested in your topic and want to know more. This creates a win-win situation for those of us participating in article marketing.

Earn Passive Income with Article Marketing
The dream of earning a passive income can be yours. You've probably heard the phrase that if you build it they will come. This is only partially true when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you build a website and supply a product or articles that directly relate to the affiliates you team up with, you'll have a good running start for an Internet business.

The last piece to the puzzle is bringing people to your site. Article marketing is the missing piece. Submit a well researched article with carefully placed keywords to an article submission directory and draw people to your site. Article marketing is the key to earning passive income through affiliate marketing
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