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2 Killer Tips To Build Internet Home Business Super Sites To Stand Out From The Crowd

Dec 10, 2007
This attitude causes more harm than anything else, because the mindset of the internet home business owner is that somebody else will do the decisions about their business. This attitude doesnt lead to the success!

The super internet home business marketers understand that the merchant offers only some services to them, even that they are important, but they want to brand their business by their own skills. If the merchant offers affiliate programs, the super marketers presell these programs and lead the hot prospect to the merchants landing page. So the real product of these marketers is the content.

This is the reason, why the content rich, interactive site is so powerful and can radically increase the commissions of the internet home business marketer.

1.The Site Content Builds The Connection.

Most internet home business marketers are looking for information from the Net by using the search engine and some keywords they have in mind.

When they look at the search result page, they will see maybe some five pages at the first glance. Each have written a title and a short despription about the business with the domain in the end. Normally the surfer does everything in a big hurry, so the time to make an impression is counted in seconds.

These few lines of text are the first test of your internet home business marketing: is the copy capable to arouse inerest and to make the reader to click the link?

If the reader has visited your internet home business site and he has a good experience in his mind, he wants to revisit. If he will do that, you are one step closer to be able to build a connection with him. However the key is the site content and the structure. The great feeling is if the visitor meets some kind of community spirit, that here are a group of same thinkers, which he can meet in the site.

When the site visitor will sense a team spirit, which he likes, it builds much stronger ties with the sites. The team spirit is a sign of people who want to support you, because the team wants that everybody will succeed. This generates trust and will draw repeated visitors.

2.How You Can Build A Team Spirit.

First: you need a clear strategy and an action plan, this doesnt happen by accident. But on the other hand, there is no secret in doing that.

The content parts in the nutshell are: structured content, message board system, your own newsletter and several related businesses for sale.

This business modell is based on the multiple product system for your niche. It is ideal, if these products complement each other and in this way will support the same business idea.

For instance, if your main business idea is to presell the idea of successful business, you can have products like: domain names, hostings, autoresponders, templates, article distributors, article writers, backlink builders, reciprocal link builders, digiproduct sortiment sites etc.

One of the most important choices is the choice of the target group: are they newbies, intermediate or advanced marketers. This has a big influence over the content of the site.

Okay, now you need a tool to be able to build a team spirit and a real support center for your prospects. This is very important, you must set up the message board for your customers, who have bought your product or are very interested to do that.

Actually what you have done now is that you have build several user groups, which can share the information with each other. The forum members give a lot of tips about your products, which they have good experiences of and thus actually will do the promotions.

This all creates a feeling of trust, because the word of mouth effect is so powerful. Many newbies can start their tour to the business from the forum and collect information before they start to invest in your business.

The message board is also a great source of valuable information, which you can use to finetune your site. It is an art to sense the feelings in the forum and to participate in the discussions but the endresult is that the site becomes more lively and interesting.

You see, every time the site visitor will participate the forum discussion, he will be more involved in the internet home business, which you run. But before you can make the first sell, you have to build trust and repeated visits to the site. This is were the interactivity steps into the picture.
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