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What Exactly Is Data Entry?

Dec 11, 2007
You have probably come across quite a few emails telling you that you can make money with data entry work. If you haven't already researched the subject, we will try and give you a brief outline of what data entry work entails. Read on to find out if this type of work is for you.

What is Required for a Job Opportunity that Advertises for Data Entry?

This job usually entails that you transcribe some sort of information into another document which is typically a computer program. Data entry forms you may be asked to transcribe might be names and addresses, spreadsheets, documents that are written by hand or any number of symbols, letters and numbers that construct a computer program.

Usually for data entry, you need only to have simple computer skills and not have the type of knowledge a computer programmer needs. You also have to be able to type fairly well and be sure that your work is error free. You will need to have an eye for detail when your data entry work as mistakes can be very costly.

Focus and Concentration

Doing this sort of job is especially suited to those who have great focus and concentration. You may be required at times to read other people's handwriting and reading spread sheets and charts and graphs may strain your eyes and tax your brain. If you think you have this type of dedication and focus, then you should think about data entry work as a way to make extra money, or to try to make a career out of it.

What Need is there for this Type of Work?

Even in the past, before the advent of computers, there was a need to present information in a way that was easily understood and analyzed. Now that we have computers, most information is stored on them, and this is where the data entry person's job comes in. Those who are fast and accurate typists are best suited to data entry work.

Drawbacks that You Might Encounter

If you decide you are a person who has an eye for detail and can focus and concentrate for long hours at a time, you may have to consider what this type of job might do to your body. In order not to strain your body from typing and sitting all day, you will have to purchase some office furniture that is ergonomically sound so that you don't injure your back or have issues with carpal tunnel.

It is important if you have decided to do data entry work, that you take frequent breaks and stretch your legs and back. Even if you are using furniture that is designed ergonomically, you will still have to take care that you don't sit too long in front of the computer.

Your eyes should be another consideration when you are considering this kind of work. You will need to have the proper lighting so that your eyes don't become tired and dry. This may cause you to have painful headaches. Your hands will need to be attended to as well. You can find exercises that will prevent cramping in your hands and you should practice them each time you decide to take a break. You should keep all these things in mind when you are deciding upon whether a career in data entry is right for you.
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