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Avoid Home Business Scams That Only Want Your Money

Dec 11, 2007
With the job market continuing to tank more people are looking at starting a home business as a means of supporting their families. Unfortunately, many offers for home business opportunities are being made by individuals preying on the needs of others. Many internet users are finding their inboxes deluged with offers of making bog money with little or no work. Secrets to making big money on the internet are available from many different companies, offered only after they "unlocked the secret" of hitting it big on the internet.

In most of the internet websites attempting to get people to send money for a guaranteed successful business, will be filled with success stories about ordinary people who were nearly broke and facing bankruptcy until they signed up for this program. Now they have more money than they know how to spend and they offer enthusiasm thanks to the person who unveiled the tricks to making an obscene amount of money for doing nothing.

There are a few aspects of internet advertising for moneymaking opportunities that should raise red flags and sound some loud bells before sending any money or worse, entering your credit card information.

Beware of limited time offers that will expire in a couple of hours, if not in minutes. People needing to find a home business are often duped into signing up for a worthless program, wanting to make sure they secure their place in line before the opportunity is gone. Go back and visit the site later in the day or even a day or a week later, and chances are the same ad will be there with the same time limit warning.

Read through the entire offering in the initial ad and when you reach the end, go back and read it again. Usually there is nothing to indicate what product or service you will be selling to your friends and neighbors. If, after reading the ad a third time you still have no idea what the company is offering, close the page and delete from your online history.

It is not unusual for companies offering what amounts to a franchise for their business to request money up front. Legitimate brick and mortar businesses have been doing it for years and it's an acceptable practice. However, before you opt in to a program, find out exactly what you will get for your investment. If it is only the right to use the name, move on. If the company wants you to pay for training materials that may be the only thing you get for your investment.

Ask for contact information about those in the testimonials to get your own take on their success. Chances are that will be "confidential" information and not available. Additionally, contact information for the company wanting you to send money now should be clearly available in their website. Hiding behind an email address is a common ploy for those looking to take your money and offer nothing substantial in return. It's your money they want, demand answers before sending it.
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