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How To Earn Residual Income In Mlm Without A Downline

Dec 11, 2007
If you want to learn How to Earn Residual Income in MLM Without A Downline, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically, we'll discuss why people join the multi-level marketing industry; how to select an MLM opportunity that can earn you residual income without a downline; and the kind of products that have the residual-income-pulling-power and how to harness that. After reading this article you should be able to Earn Residual Income in MLM Without A Downline.

The reason why many join the multi-level marketing industry is because they want to earn residual income. An income that comes in whether you work or you don't. Recruiting new affiliates under you is your ticket to this passive income but it isn't as simple as ABC. It takes hard graft to recruit and to train a team.

Are you struggling to achieve growth in your organization?

I make it a point to check my genealogy from time to time, and I always come across these hundreds upon hundreds of downlines that hadn't even bothered to do their basic training. I'm usually quite saddened by this. Perhaps even demoralized. If I wasn't a strong person who believed in myself AND this business opportunity, chances are I would've given up already. Which is what a lot of network marketers do. They just throw in the towel to try something else, not realizing that as long as your growth and residual income in the business (whatever program you're in) hinges on your downline putting in a little effort, it didn't matter how good the program was - you just had to do the numbers game - and running into tire kickers was, simply put, inevitable! People who want something for nothing do come with the package, I'm afraid. That's just the way it is. It is unavoidable.

That said, if I may borrow, again, words from the title of this article: is there a way to earn residual income - in the network marketing industry - without a downline?

Well, I can think of a couple of options. Let's say your network marketing business provides a telecommunication service like, cellular phones, cheap call deals, landlines, ISP and so on, then yes, a residual income on call volume is not - by any stretch of the imagination - far fetched.

Now let us take a look at another product line that may perhaps generate a residual income month in month out, year in year out: How about nutritional products? Yes, there is a possibility there if you know who your customers are, mentor them and keep in close contact with them. Unfortunately, though, weight management customers tend to fall off the wagon from time to time, so in terms of a consistent residual income coming off of that, I would have to think again there. But it is worth a try nonetheless. It is your personality and management skills that can help you sustain this particular avenue. So by all means, do give it a try.

Which brings me to what inspired this article - Credit Card Processing Machines - which I think is by far the best residual income strategy WITHOUT a downline ever!

And I'll tell you why...

Once you've signed up a merchant, they're yours for life ... and you earn a commission every time someone swipes their credit card. Nothing tops that! And although, at the moment, I am only aware of one such opportunity that only operates in America, who is to say that in the future such opportunities would not be available worldwide. That said, if you happen to live outside the USA, it is still possible to sign merchants in the United States without ever setting foot on American soil. How? Via the Internet!

And here's one more idea worth exploring -- hire a VA (virtual assistant) who is based in the USA to do the legwork for you. Set-up an advertising co-op with your downline to pay the VA ... and share the leads! To begin your search for a VA, type VA into any search engine.

In conclusion: Earning residual income in MLM without a downline is achievable when you select an MLM company that has the potential to earn you a residual income on the product itself. The telecommunication industry, nutritional industry and credit card processing are just some of the MLM products with a blockbuster potential to earn you residual income without a downline. Be creative, keep an open mind, and you will find the perfect product for you.
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