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The Secret Weapon To Find What Sells Best On Ebay

Aug 17, 2007
Have you been thinking about making money on eBay or are you already doing so and want to increase your profits? There are a lot of different ways that you can find out what sells best on eBay and many sellers develop different methods to find this information.

This article will list a few of the main ways which you can find hot items. Finding hot items typically involves a little research. The more research that you do on your own the more accurate your information is going to be.

Find What Sells Best Using eBay on data
eBay of course has it's own sources of what is hot and what sells well. There are three places that you can go for information on this. All of these can easily be access by going to eBay's Seller Central and looking for the What's Hot area.

Hot Items By Category
This will provide what is selling well by category. So you will know that in the category of Comic Books that Spiderman pre 1950's comic book sell really well. There is not much data provided but they do give pretty specific suggestions about what is selling well. If you can find the product for cheap then you might have a chance!

eBay Pulse
eBay Pulse page is another area that you can look for hot sellers on eBay. This is full of the most searched for keywords, the most watched auction items and other information about trends on eBay. For example this week the most searched for terms are PSP, Coach, and Louie Vitton. This gives you some rough ideas of categories and terms to start searching in.

Outside Sources of Data
There are tons of third party provides of eBay data. They include companies like AuctionWorks, Andale and Therapak. Each of these companies offer various reports and data mining capabilities in which one can find hot selling items and useful information. Many of these companies will also provide useful data sauch as best days and formats to list items on eBay.

Of coruse all of these third party companies charge a fee for their services but it is often a small fee that can easily be paid for from auction profits.

The New Way
These have all been the trusted ways that sellers in the past have found great sources of information and been able to easily identify what is hot. However, eBay recently opened a new service called Want It Now. In this area of eBay buyers can list wanted ads for items that they are seeking. This is a wonderful new service for the buyer because they don't have to spend their time searching for specialty items.

This service is also incredible for the seller. It takes the guess work out of what will and what will not sell. An experienced seller can easily look through the information on eBay Want It Now pages and find tons of people that want to buy a product. The only thing a seller is left to do is find a good source of the product and start listing auctions.

The only problem with this method of selling is it takes a great deal of time for the seller to look through page after page of information trying to find profitable niches.

A new software tool called Yen has been developed that will significantly speed this painfully slow task up. This software has the ability to automate the searching and it will easily find profitable niches that a seller can profit from.

So there are a lot of options for find what sells best on eBay and each person has their own techniques. The important thing to remember is that it pays to do a little research before getting started selling in a new category.
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