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Work/Life Balance in a Home Business

Dec 12, 2007
You have achieved something others often dream about but seldom do, you have started your own home business. The passion and determination to succeed is there; so is the need to schedule your home-based business around the rest of your life. Sure, you might be thinking, "this is my life, it's what I've always wanted to do." That's true; it is your life, but only one aspect of it. Like a Swiss watch, there are many other parts to your life and all have to work in harmony with each other to make it a complete living experience.

There are two dangers present in operating your own home business. They probably weren't apparent to you when your home business idea first sparked in your head. The funny thing is you may not realize when you are doing either one of them.

The first danger is that you will work far too much.

It will be very easy to be 'always working' at your home business. Think of it, you've come up with the best possible home business idea you can think of and you want to see it fly. This means you are going to want to go beyond the call of duty to make sure it gets off the ground. The problem is, because you are always at work you will always be tempted to work. That's where the danger lies.

All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull people. There has to be a balance in your life. The enthusiasm you have for your home business opportunity, which is dear to your heart, has to remain tempered so it doesn't overwork your heart. You cannot overextend yourself in the work arena at the expense of family, friends, and health. The result will be a gradual erosion of your overall well-being that may lead to burnout. Burnout will suck the energy to operate the home business right out of you.

The second danger is that you will work far too little.

The fact that you are at home all the time may cause you to gravitate to non-home business endeavors. There will always be the temptation to catch a few Z's; break for a cup of coffee; read the sports page; water your azalea again; walk the dog or ponder new paint ideas for the ping-pong room.

Self-discipline has to rule in these instances. When the temptation to 'go back to work later' whispers in your ear, it will be your own self-discipline which will keep your home business on track. Friends may call unannounced and you will feel obligated to entertain. That's fine; just make sure they understand the rules for the next time. You have to make it known to family and friends that certain hours of the day are set aside for the home business opportunity you've created for yourself. You have to make it known to family and friends, that this is your 'job'. This will let you work without feeling guilty that you are neglecting anyone important to you.

The key to avoiding the two extremes mentioned is having a balance in your life. Time management will allow you to work and play. A simple day-timer with certain hours blocked off for work and certain hours blocked off for everything else in your life, including leisure time, will reap benefits in your life.

You may find yourself, with a proper work/life balance, prospering because you are not stressing out from overwork. You may also find yourself prospering because you are putting in the time necessary and are not shortchanging yourself financially.

With a proper work/life balance, you may find yourself laughing all the way to the bank, with time to stop for an ice cream on the way.
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