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Are You Outsourcing? Five Reasons Why You Should Be, If You're a Business Owner

Dec 12, 2007
For most large businesses, employees each have specialized jobs to do. For example, secretaries handle filing and other clerical tasks. People in marketing handle advertising and public relations. Accountants keep track of finances. Salespeople bring in business or make sales.

If you're a small-business owner, though, oftentimes, you don't have the resources to hire employees. In these cases, the business owner must handle everything himself. This can work out quite well in the initial stages, but he if the business grows quite large, it can become much more difficult to handle everything. This is the time when you might want to consider outsourcing. Reasons include:

You probably can't learn everything well enough to do an expert job at it yourself.

Of course, you've got the smarts to handle your own business and you've probably done quite well at it. But as your business grows, you might want to consider asking just a little bit of "expert" advice to keep a certain part of your business running smoothly, such as the bookkeeping. In addition, there are only so many hours in a day, and if you are constantly behind, that's a good sign that there's too much to do. Turning a task or two over to somebody else to handle will free you up to handle those things that you are both truly good at and enjoy doing.

Unless you want your work to be your life, outsourcing can help you have a personal life.

Now, there are lots and lots of folks out there who are "workaholics," and they may even be proud of it. But chances are you want a personal life so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor by working so hard on your business. Again, as your business grows larger and really becomes too much for one person to handle, you might find yourself working far more hours than you would need to if you would just turn a "least favorite" task or two over to somebody else to handle, so that you can actually knock off for the day every once in awhile while it's still daylight and enjoy some time with your friends or family.

Outsourcing can help keep you healthier.

If you're constantly overstressed and not getting enough sleep, yes, your health is going to suffer. Being constantly overtired, stressed, or lacking sleep can lead to a myriad of health problems, including high blood pressure, obesity, etcetera. Again, there are certain critical elements of your business that no one else but you can handle. However, there's likely a task or two that you could hand over to someone else with no negative impact, to free up some time. Not only does this help you run your business better, but it helps keep you healthier because it keeps everything in balance and keeps your work at an optimal load, so that you're not constantly overstressed and in danger of becoming ill.

Outsourcing a task to an expert in that field will get the job done better than you can do it yourself.

Lets face it, hiring someone skilled to do your bookkeeping is likely to do a better job at it than you will. In addition, it's likely that they'll enjoy this task, while you might not. The same holds true for just about any other service you might need, such as IT. Hiring someone with experience in that field will get the job done better than you could do it yourself and will also likely be more cost-effective, since that person will cost you less to do it than your own man-hours will if you attempt to do it yourself.

If you outsource, you can save money.

It isn't always true, but oftentimes, such as with the example above, outsourcing a job to an expert in that field will actually save you money. For example, if you're no computer expert but you attempt your own IT, the chances are that you spend a lot of time doing the job yourself when an expert could do it much more quickly and for much less money if you calculate the cost of the man-hours you spend trying to do yourself. Therefore, outsourcing for certain tasks (especially on those you're not expert in yourself) is much smarter than trying to do the job yourself.

Oftentimes, outsourcing certain tasks simply makes good sense. It'll save you money and time, free up your own time for more enjoyable pursuits besides just work, and in general balance things out and make your business more successful overall. Give it a try the next time you find yourself in a bind, with not enough time to get everything done.
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