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Adwords Tips - Learn How To Boost Your Account Quality Score

Dec 12, 2007
Pay per click advertising is one of the most powerful ways to generate traffic to your sites. The traffic is targeted and fast which means you have the ability to create fast income if you know what you are doing. Google adwords is the biggest pay per click service and learning how to master it can be very beneficial.

Many people advise that you stay away from adwords as it is too competitive. The truth is that anything worthwhile pursuing will always have competition. The way you separate yourself from the competition and become part of the few that succeed big is by making a firm commitment in specializing and learning everything you can about pay per click and in particular google adwords.

The adwords program is somewhat unique in that google assigns a quality score to every account. This quality score can have a significant impact on the amount you are charged per click and how your ads rank. The exact formula that they use to determine quality score is not revealed but there are many things you can do that can definitely help to improve it.

Perhaps the biggest key to a great account quality score is click through rates (ctr). If your ads are getting clicked on frequently then this means that you are placing relevant ads and this is exactly what Google wants. Also remember that one of the goals of Google is to provide the best possible user experience so when you create your campaigns keep that principle in mind.

The best way to improve ctr is by ensuring your ads are as relevant as possible to the keywords being targeted. Add the keyword in the title and also maybe once more in the body of your ad. Also create smaller ad groups that are focused more closely on the keywords you are targeting. Make sure your ads are benefit driven so be sure to describe how your product or service will enhance the lives of your visitors.

Make sure your ads are always accurate and never misleading as this affects the user experience and remember that Google is a multi billion dollar company with almost infinite resources so if you are deliberately trying to game the system you will eventually get caught and even possibly get banned so always follow their rules as that is the best thing for you too as far as long term profits are concerned.

Also make sure your landing pages are truly relevant to what your ads are saying. It is also important to make sure that your landing pages have plenty of original content so do not just throw up a squeeze page with just a few words and a sign up form. You can still use squeeze pages but make sure that you have at least 300 to 500 words accurately describing why people should sign up.

Another thing you can do to improve the quality score of your ads is to make sure that your landing pages are keyword rich. Add in some of the main keywords in your ad groups onto your landing pages but do this as naturally as possible.

Also avoid a single page website, make sure your site has at least a handful of content rich pages and also be sure to have a 'privacy policy', 'about us', 'terms of service' and 'sitemap' links. These links will help to establish your site as a legitimate business and can help to improve your ads quality score. Use some of these strategies to improve your adwords account quality score and as a result get higher returns for every advertising dollar spent.
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