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Easy Website Promotion And SEO Using Good Tools

Dec 12, 2007
Every webmaster wants to build traffic. There are a myriad of ways to go about this, but here we will focus on backlinks. Backlinks are simply links outside of your website that lead back to your URL.

These links are invaluable for building traffic, and not just any traffic, but good, quality, targeted traffic! There are all sorts of silly programs available that promise 1,000 or 10,000 hits a day, but these do you absolutely no good unless you are getting paid by the hit. What you need to do is to begin building traffic steadily, but surely, attracting visitors who are actually interested in your website and who will stay there for more than the required 45 seconds in order to get paid.

Backlinks can be generated in several different ways. Writing free articles with resource boxes linking back to your site is a good way to start building traffic. These articles can be submitted to free article directories. This alone gives you one link per article for every directory that you submit to. That could be up to 100 links, simply by submitting to directories. Every time someone is scanning the directory for interesting articles on your theme, they can click on your link and go see what your website is about. Once your articles get picked up by other websites and ezines, you will begin building traffic at an exponential rate!

Another way to continue building traffic to your site is to post in forums relating to the topic of your website. Include your URL along with a brief description in your signature line for extra exposure. It is amazing how many people will read a quality post and eagerly click on your link to see if you have more information that could help them. Forums are perfect for building traffic.

Building traffic can also be done on the up and up with certain programs that offer banner or link exchanges. You put their link on your website and they add you to theirs. This is not only good for building traffic; it can also help your Page Rank if you end up swapping links with someone who has a higher level Page Rank.

Don't forget the offline world when promoting your site. Business cards with your business name, logo and URL are invaluable tools to bring in extra traffic and should not be overlooked. You might want to try running a couple of ads in the local paper as well, to see if you can draw some interest that way.

Another method of building traffic is to offer an affiliate program. You can set one up through Clickbank. This gets hundreds or even thousands of other people working for you, promoting your products and services and sending people back to your website to buy. This is possibly the best kind of traffic, returning and buying!

Building traffic is very effective when using backlinks. Only visitors who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer will be arriving at your site, which means they will be more inclined to make a purchase! The ideal hit.
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