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Preselling The Work At Home Internet Business Is The Art Of Persuasion

Dec 12, 2007
The preselling process sells ideas not any affiliate programs. The basic task is to tell the selected parts of the topic and arouse the readers interest step by step. It follows the AIDA decision making process, which means that the ad must first get the attention, then arouse interest, then desire and finally the reader must take a required action.

1. The Preselling Process Is The Emotion Building Process.
As said all decisions are made by feelings, so a wise work at home internet business marketer uses a lot of adjectives in the copy, which will paint a true and enthusiastic picture about the business idea which he is offering.

My opinion is that the more personal the preselling message is the more effective it will be, because the feelings are mostly personal.

2.Make A Reader To Feel Good.
If your reader has fun, when he will read the preselling message, it means that he honestly like what he is reading. The target of the copy is to make a reader to feel good. The most effective way is to write all preselling messages by yourself, because then you will build a brand image at the same time, which is 100 % unique, your style.

3. The Art Of Persuasion.
The skilled writers know, which expressions and words arouse good feelings and make the reader feel good. This is the first step towards a good relationship betweeen you and the customer. It is a multistep process, which proceeds word by word, sentence by sentence.

4. The Preselling Copy Must Be The Truth Well Told.
Despite of all fun and good mood, the preselling of your work at home internet business cannot build a wrong image. If the prospect will disappoint, he will remember that forever. And especially if your preselling has made him feel good and lough and then later he will see something totally different.

5. The Preselling Must Arouse Curiosity.
A preselling message must presell, not to reveal everything. This means that the copy must tell interesting things and make the reader to understand that he will get even more useful information, when he will click the link in the Author Box. The landing page must of course continue the same story by giving more about the topic.

6. The Author Box Is The Ad In The End.
The Author Box in the end of the article is a text ad, which will persuade the reader to click the link. That is the only task it has. By clicking the hyperlink, the reader will land on the landing page, where all selling happens.
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