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Email Mania Now Dominates The World

Dec 13, 2007
Sometimes it might be difficult to remember the last time that you actually sat down and wrote a letter to someone with a piece of paper and a pen. Some say that the art of letter writing could be in danger of extinction. That could be true in one sense, but in another sense, nothing is further from the truth.

People are still sitting down to send their correspondence to others every single day. People are probably communicating today more than ever. Thanks to the ease and speed of email over the computer and cell phone, it is easier and faster than ever to send someone a note anytime you want to.

In days gone by, you had to sit down with paper and pen and manually write down every thing you had to say, and no, you could not get a response from the person that you were writhing to for probably a week or more. You had to put it in an envelope, make sure you had a stamp that was of the proper postage amount, mail it at your home mailbox or make a trip to the post office. Then you would have to wait patiently for a reply.

Of course, there is the telephone. You can call on the telephone and hope the person you wish to give a message to will be there to take it or you can leave a message. This method has been working for years and is still used continuously and has made many technological advances that are great.

Email through satellite, cable, or telephone connections has dramatically changed the way we can communicate. All the other methods of communication are just fine, but there is something about email that has set the world on its end. Everyone is using email for everything from business correspondence, sending attachments, photos, links to websites, and more.

The art of letter writing is defiantly no where nearly dead, we just use a more modern method to do it. We no longer have to worry whether or not we have legible penmanship or if we spell words poorly. We can write a letter using a hundred different fonts in hundreds of different colors and we have word spell to make sure it is all spelled correctly.

Even people who do not have an extended knowledge of computers can learn to email easily. Once you have ever established a list of email addresses of your friends and family, you will soon discover that you will probably be sending more notes, messages, letters, photos, and information than you ever have before in your entire life!
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