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The Real Advantages Of Adding Audio To Your Sales Pages

Dec 13, 2007
Audio has become very popular for use in sales pages and can help to provide a more personal touch to your web page as well as making it more credible using audio testimonials.

The Advantage of Adding Audio for a Personal Touch

The one disadvantage with internet sales in many cases has been the fact that people miss the human contact and want to feel like there is a real person behind the product they are buying and not just machines. Using audio can help to add this more human touch to your sales pages and so may increase sales rates. Always remember, the more personalized you can make your message the more credible you will appear to be in the minds of your potential clients.

Audio Testimonials Can Create Greater Credibility

Testimonials are also important for encouraging people to buy and to feel that others have been happy with the product before so they can also trust it. One of the best ways to create this credibility is to use audio testimonials on your web page. This gives people the sense that someone is actually recommending the product to them personally and so can build trust in the product advertised. No question about it, voice outperforms written words!

Audio Can Make Your Sales Page Easier to Remember

Using more senses to get your message across has been shown to provide benefits in terms of memorization for many people - if you just use the written word to get across a message a small percentage of people will remember it, if you use the written word and audio more people will remember it. Since people may not purchase from your website the first time they see it, this memorization can aid in making future sales when people return to your website.

People read so much on a day to day basis that written words do not have the memorization effect they probably once had. Going that extra mile certainly make the difference.

Audio Can Make Your Website Appear More Professional

Another reason for adding audio to your website is that it may make your website appear more professional and therefore make more sales. People will be a lot more likely to buy from a professional website than one that looks amateurish. In today's internet environment it is very important to give your potential clients a true message of professionalism.

Does Audio Appeal to your Target Market

Some target markets respond particularly well to audio input. Different people have different ways of learning, memorizing or understanding information. Artists for example like a more visual medium, while musicians often depend more on audio input. If you have a target market that depends primarily on audio input to handle information then you will do particularly well with adding audio to your sales pages.

There are many advantages of adding audio to your website that you may want to consider. These include creating a more human touch; building trust and credibility, make your page easier to remember and more professional. All of these advantages can help to boost your sales rates.
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