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Dec 13, 2007
Runescape Blogs, huh?

Many Runescape fan sites (like Tip.it, Sal's, RSBandB, RuneAddict etc.) provide blogging capabilities to their members and, of course, there are blogger.com and wordpress.com platforms. So, yes, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Runescape blogs nowadays. But what are they? What is their audience? How much useful and interesting information can you found there?

Not much... Let's face it, majority of so called Runescape Blogs are simple skilling diaries, which are of interest only to their authors and a few close friends. Normally what you would find there are skilling screenshots, updates on goals, reports of daily activities and sometime descriptions of particular skilling methods. There are also blogs of pkers, and their audience is also very limited (in this case to a particular pking clan or community). There are blogs which shadow Runescape events and updates section or shadow a particular fan site by publishing guides and articles. Nothing really new is there. Finally, there are blogs that started as Runescape blogs but ended up being just 'blogs', you know, diaries for personal records whit barely anything about Runescape. These blogs might be interesting, but not about Runescape. Is that all?

No. Fortunately, no.

There are a few bloggers out there who enjoy exchanging thoughtful and analytic views about Runescape, changes in the game, skills, events, updates etc. Sometime the posts are mixed up with day to day skilling posts, but it's OK (we are all players after all). It is always a pleasure to find a good Runescape analytic post and get into a mature discussion. Also an interesting phenomena is that discussions in such blogs are much more mature comparing to similar discussions on fan site and forums. It is always a pain to list through multiple pages on a forum topic just to find one or two coherent posts, while inside a blog every comment is usually a well thought through response. Audience is also seems to be a bit (or rather much more) older.

But how can you find such blogs? There are so many out there... Do you have to read all of them in order to find those rare jewels?

Now, this is where Runescape Reader's Digest Blog (http://runescapereader.blogspot.com/) comes to play. The blog's goal is to provide daily links to interesting and analytic articles and posts from other Runescape blogs, forums and sites. Every item highlighted in the blog is something worth reading! No pre-justice and no junk. I would encourage you to check it out. Read, comment and, who knows, it may become you stepping stone to the real Runescape blogosphere!

Also, if know a good Runescape blog or article or even a forum discussion thread, that you think should be featured in the Runescape Reader's Digest, by all means, please, let me know! Leave a link to your own blow, and I'll start monitoring it as well, so one day you might see your post linked through the Runescape Reader's Digest. Enjoy and have fan!

Truly yours!
About the Author
Vaskor is my Runescape name. You may also see me as vrunewise or Vaskor_RW on some of the RS forums. And, yes, I am an owner of Runewise and author of Runescape Reader's Digest Blog.
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