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Pay Per Click & Perfect Wealth Formula

Dec 13, 2007
Your job with pay per click is not to sell them at the ad site, it is not to sell them products, it is not to tell them exactly what you have got. The whole purpose is to get the right person to click through to your link. You do not want somebody looking to buy dogs clicking through your link in order to buy a home based business or start a home based business, it is the wrong targeted prospect. You have got to get the right person and get them to click through to your link. Perfect Wealth Formula is going to be coming out with some videos on how to write classified ads, that will be coming out soon here. Your ad, it is really simple, you need a good headline. Your first line in the ad is your headline. If you look at different writings, persuasive, or sales copy writing, it is all the same, if you are writing a sales letter you need a headline. Then you have the body of the sales letter, then you have the closing of the sales letter.

If you think of an email, you have a header or headline, your headline in the email is your subject line, then the body of the email and then the closing of the email, what you want them to do, what you want the prospect to do. It is all the same, whether you are doing newspaper ads, articles, press releases, anything that you are doing, it is all kind of about the same. Your pay per click ad, the first line is a headline, it is just to draw the prospect in to what you want, what kind of prospect you are looking for. So you are not going to put in the headline, again using dogs as an example, dog lovers click here, it is a waste of time. You are looking for someone that is interested in your home based business.

Now let me back up for a second on what your target market is in this industry. Your first and main target market is other people who have had a home based business before. Why? It saves you money. Why would you try to sell somebody on something, for instance a home based business, when you can sell to somebody else that has already had a home based business before. It is like having your own existing customers. It is easier to sell to an existing customer rather than trying to recruit a new one who does not believe in the industry. To convert a new customer you have to sell them once and then twice. You have to sell them first on wanting to get their own home based business and then you have to sell them on the home based business that you are in.

If you are selling to your target market, which are the existing home based business owners or people who have had a home based business before, if you are selling to them, they usually have some kind of experience, some have major experience, some have medium experience, some have just a little bit, either way you are ahead of the game because all of them have some type of experience. Usually when you sell them your home based business or recruit them, or sponsor them, whatever you want to call it, usually they know other people in the industry who were with them in another home based business or people they know who are like minded like them, who they will then go to and sponsor or recruit in their down line and therefore, yours. So there is a double bang for your buck.

One sale and you get more sales, versus somebody who has never had a home based business before. It is going to cost you more in advertising. You have to go through more numbers because you have to convince them first off that they need a home based business and then you have to convert them to your home based business. Then once they start they are so new that you have to train them on what to do. So it takes them longer to get into action than the next person. It may take them a few weeks or a month or two months before they sponsor one person and make a sale in their down line, and therefore yours where you make money, versus somebody that has already had a home based business before,. They have a few contacts or more, they contact them and they come in. Therefore you make sales within a few days or that week with Perfect Wealth Formula.
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