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Internet Marketing: What Webmaster's Must Master

Dec 13, 2007
Search engine marketing has presented consumers and business owners countless unique and efficient opportunities to do commerce online. The whole world of advertising has been turned on its ear with the advent of the Internet. Not only must webmasters offer a site that sings to the visitor, ease of navigation, good content, quality goods and services, they must ensure their site is found. All is for naught without a good plan for website promotion.

The Golden Rule for any company should encourage positive "word-of-mouth," advertising. This is the best and truest form of promotion in existence. When you get web surfers excited about your site, you have accomplished a great feat. Carry this one step further: encourage your visitors to 'spread the word' about your site and business for you. Offer incentives through affiliation, rewards, prizes and discounts, available only with visits to your site. This virtual elation is compounded if you keep them returning to your site while bringing new visitors with them. The more relevant backlinks you establish, the stronger your search engine marketing position is.

Generation of a continuous flow of targeted traffic to your site is the goal of all webmasters. Search engine optimization (SEO) of the website and all of its content is a basic requirement of all successful online businesses. It allows potential customers to find you online. The better your search engine optimization, the higher your page ranking with the search engines and subsequently, the higher your site's name appears in relevant searches.

If you have been on the Internet any time at all, you are probably aware of what picky eaters the search engine spiders are. They want to find what they came after; what your advertising told them was there. If you promote cheese, they expect to find content relevant to cheese when they come. They also expect to find backlinks to your site from relevant sources. Imagine their disappointment when they come looking for cheese and find tractor tires for sale and links back to your site from everywhere but places relevant for cheese. They are not happy campers and you won't be either when you see the page ranking they give you. They will give you an SEO rating, in a negative direction. Ensure your search engine marketing efforts are in line with the content on your site.

The amount of traffic passing through your site also raises the curiosity of the search engines and they will come to see what all the excitement is about. The more frequently you get visits from the spiders, the finer, more pin-pointed your search engine optimization becomes. This in turn, improves your ranking in their index. Visitors are good, but return visitors are even better.

There are some simple, yet critical things you must do to make your site appealing to the masses, if you want these return visitors. The search engine spiders love them, too:

1. Keep your website simple. Many consumers in America are still limited to dial-up in smaller cities and rural areas. Accessing web sites that require downloads is impossible for such users. Web sites filled with Flash, Java, or flooded with information are a migraine waiting to happen. Bear in mind that many web surfers are just annoyed by animations and flashing banners.

2. Invest in a good banner and logo. Visual identity has a striking effect on potential customers and it's imperative to have an innovative and "catchy" logo. They are intriguing and memorable for your web audience, too. A known logo is a fantastic extended form of advertising.

3. Learn to work your site! Nothing appeals to visitors more than the proprietor's presence on a regular basis. Remember that your customer is an intelligent consumer who watches their finances. They expect, in fact, demand competent service. If they don't find it, they will spend their time and money elsewhere.

You will need as much patience as you have determination to start drawing the audience you are hoping for. Good solid search engine optimization and an appealing advertising program will get things off to a booming start for you. You don't want a web site that visitors will only visit once. Make their visit enjoyable while retaining simplicity about it. You want something they will return to again and again.
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