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Your Fast Guide To Getting The Best Tax Help

Dec 14, 2007
When you're sitting down to do your taxes, don't you wish there was some sort of tax help to guide you whenever you were confused? Wouldn't it be nice to have someone teach you the best ways to file your taxes in order to get the greatest return and thus largest refund check possible?

Almost all of us would like to get some sort of tax help, but we're often embarrassed or we think it's going to cost us too much money to do so. So, we sit at our desks until the deadline, trying to fill out the tax forms, possibly missing out on a lot of benefits that the IRS has made part of the tax code.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that you can receive tax help, even if you don't have a complicated return to file. Some of these include IRS volunteers. The IRS does have tax assistants located in their local offices that can help you with questions should you need their service on your taxes. More often than not, these volunteers are available from January 1st until the cut-off date of April 15th, or so. There are other helpers at other times of the year, but since that is the peak season, you have a greater chance of meeting with someone during those times.

There are also tax help preparation services available. In the past, only big businesses or the very rich would ever have access to tax preparation help. Since they had more money to look after, it only seemed reasonable that they would need more help. But since more individuals are looking into maximizing their deductions and their tax returns, more tax preparation services for the everyday man and woman are popping up. These services offer anyone that comes in the opportunity to get their taxes filed electronically, though it will cost you money per service they do.

Another great way to get assistance with your taxes is through tax websites. It seems the internet has come to the rescue in a number of ways not relating to taxes, so why not turn to this great resource for tax help too? With helpful IRS websites, you can receive up to the minute tax advice along with instructions on how to fill out certain forms. You can also print out forms that you need and even make inquiries by email if you have any along the way.

Another incredible source of tax help are tax books. Though you might feel like buying a book on taxes is only an extension of the booklets the IRS provides for free, sometimes you just need someone else to explain how to fill out a form, rather than the IRS's explanation. Try to find the basic books that deal with your sorts of concerns directly in order to make sure all of your questions are answered.

When it comes to finding tax help, you are simply not alone when you trying to make sense of those tax forms. Take some time to figure out what makes sense to you, your time-frame and your needs and then choose the best road in getting tax help.
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Craig Chambers is a tax and financial planner who enjoys sharing tips on tax help and offers extensive free tax guides, and a free "special report" on taxes. Plus you can download the author's new tax guide handbook on his website www.taxesandtax.com
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